Update Progress for Classic Stitch Up


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Aldeen82969.42416.312 days ago
2Chevronguy40.20415.8822 hours ago
3Fuur82969.42414.382 days ago
4Hamanoid82969.42414.312 days ago
5Raphiki82581.17414.192 days ago
6Aelithiá82581.17414.132 days ago
7Deviuz0.00412.752 days ago
8Eldh4.50411.502 days ago
9Zally82969.42411.382 days ago
10Twobee0.00410.192 days ago
11Darknelix0.00409.502 days ago
12Peepthis402.48409.312 days ago
13Bizdale387.99409.192 days ago
14Hambearpig391.02409.062 days ago
15Emmawatson55.68408.942 days ago
16Tamette0.00408.752 days ago
17Jimihamdrix10.64408.002 days ago
18Minidkay53.89407.312 days ago
19Woodsys0.00407.312 days ago
20Dkaz75402.30406.692 days ago
21Hamyewest355.96406.132 days ago
22Plateofham379.31403.945 days ago
23Dracthul14.67402.135 days ago
24Felryn72.05400.005 days ago
25Ironham39.25399.695 days ago
26Probsd0.00399.005 days ago
27Iamaduck4.60398.885 days ago
28Windorker445.27397.005 days ago
29Yúki12233.93396.195 days ago
30Senpaioog0.00395.135 days ago
31Xiraa4.37394.815 days ago
32Shiodh0.00394.385 days ago
33Eldw4.65393.945 days ago
34Weldorf44816.61390.255 days ago
35Woodsyy0.38387.755 days ago
36Hamorrhage0.00387.065 days ago
37Oz0.00385.945 days ago
38Rej1257.27384.445 days ago
39Tuxl0.39384.005 days ago
40Frothshakes56483.58382.945 days ago
41Verynotgood0.00382.885 days ago
42Cs56483.58382.695 days ago
43Tehhaxorz56483.58382.385 days ago
44Lowkey406.31380.385 days ago
45Rayahn0.00379.255 days ago
46Failion355.96379.255 days ago
47Yuxin56483.58378.695 days ago
48Mickle379.31378.255 days ago
49Elydin2747.47377.815 days ago
50Beefwello25.26376.885 days ago
51Vedgieheals4271.83376.065 days ago
52Pufferfist4.65375.635 days ago
53Evanr664.66374.885 days ago
54Voodooism1.05374.005 days ago
55Talic4.65373.255 days ago
56Eldehaedron1.05372.885 days ago
57Keperra1729.90371.065 days ago
58Owlphabet0.00370.505 days ago
59Madinvite0.00369.505 days ago
60Hörns0.00364.635 days ago
61Willsniff355.96362.1310 days ago
62Rhean0.00361.7510 days ago
63Fubùki39.57360.0010 days ago
64Abloodyprude0.00357.5610 days ago
65Fuuraekwa60.65357.2510 days ago
66Tatsuma0.00355.6310 days ago
67Salvatiom0.00355.6310 days ago
68Nybrocs1.04354.2510 days ago
69Galain36.39353.1910 days ago
70Cumonfire0.00351.6310 days ago
71Nordreeve0.00350.6310 days ago
72Hypnøtìze44.67350.4410 days ago
73Deadeyedonny0.00350.3810 days ago
74Evanw48.52349.5610 days ago
75Hamful0.00348.6910 days ago
76Demonpuff12.63346.3810 days ago
77Bruitse0.00344.7510 days ago
78Memeskene0.00343.3810 days ago
79Owldente0.00343.0610 days ago
80Misakiakeno0.00342.0610 days ago
81Tuuxdk0.00339.1310 days ago
82Honneybadger0.00336.4410 days ago
83Imswirlin0.00334.5610 days ago
84Belzenlock0.00331.9410 days ago
85Ssvégeta0.00331.8810 days ago
86Owldeen12.13329.5010 days ago
87Pdaddy0.00318.0610 days ago
88Hamboyant0.00316.5610 days ago
89Kazkitten0.00315.5610 days ago
90Hypnotizexd0.00315.1910 days ago
91Homosexuowl20.58315.0010 days ago
92Khaz0.00312.9410 days ago
93Xyronegg0.00308.0010 days ago
94Blaktauren0.00307.0010 days ago
95Skaz0.00304.0610 days ago
96Gunship0.00295.3810 days ago
97Evandh0.00294.0010 days ago
98Hampage0.00286.8110 days ago
99Cáedo0.00284.1910 days ago
100Lìchplease0.00280.4410 days ago
101Jakero0.00279.4410 days ago
102Lasithi0.00275.2510 days ago
103Hamroll0.00267.5010 days ago

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