Added to queue for a quick guild news scan (Mythic bosses only!)
Please check back the guild page later.

Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Chasm97.40449.311 day ago
2Miria361.19447.385 hours ago
3Capacitør361.19446.501 day ago
4Shiftychasm47.99446.131 day ago
5Slobelix361.19446.061 day ago
6Kieldaz361.19445.311 day ago
7Sniperchasm7.69445.191 day ago
8Capacitøn24.36445.001 day ago
9Whio361.19443.191 day ago
10Dinadan37.43443.131 day ago
11Endorá361.19442.751 day ago
12Bid13936.06442.381 day ago
13Restokan361.19442.311 day ago
14Jukiki0.00442.191 day ago
15Axeina15.00442.001 day ago
16Batlhazar13.51441.941 day ago
17Hilarybarry176.53441.251 day ago
18Isorei361.19440.441 day ago
19Ripe276.11440.251 day ago
20Chaoschasm361.19440.251 day ago
21Demonchasm0.00440.191 day ago
22Deathspectre361.19439.631 day ago
23Melarky0.18439.441 day ago
24Durgarra361.19439.311 day ago
25Xannin95.36438.131 day ago
26Ten0.00437.311 day ago
27Capacitøl0.00436.881 day ago
28Caldris52.66436.881 day ago
29Zanderdin0.48436.501 day ago
30Archlight346.10436.131 day ago
31Barely0.00435.441 day ago
32Aeiou0.00434.501 day ago
33Fistofchasm0.00433.881 day ago
34Fowardthrust311.14432.691 day ago
35Duffmañ47.99432.631 day ago
36Deathmauln47.60432.191 day ago
37Slammed7.69429.691 day ago
38Anrua0.00429.561 day ago
39Capacitøv0.00428.881 day ago
40Slobash47.99428.251 day ago
41Capacitøh0.00427.881 day ago
42Shockchasm0.00427.381 day ago
43Zanei0.00425.501 day ago
44Silentchasm0.00423.061 day ago
45Vörnir84.27422.311 day ago
46Iórek49.59421.131 day ago
47Deathchasm0.00419.751 day ago
48Grinnomak0.14419.501 day ago
49Créed29.73418.191 day ago
50Bashindeath0.00417.811 day ago
51Chaosdeath0.00416.561 day ago
52Jaytee8.46413.691 day ago
53Dùffmán0.66412.501 day ago
54Bubblhearthn0.00412.501 day ago
55Fariene0.00411.751 day ago
56Kixx14.57410.811 day ago
57Düffman0.00410.691 day ago
58Capacitøs0.00408.811 day ago
59Chubbychecke0.75408.311 day ago
60Fulstadt0.00407.191 day ago
61Sweetaz0.00407.131 day ago
62Runed46.43407.001 day ago
63Pyrochasm47.16404.561 day ago
64Capacitøz0.00404.191 day ago
65Khalanos0.00403.751 day ago
66Muggermon0.00402.751 day ago
67Swissgaar0.00402.191 day ago
68Phlexix0.00401.751 day ago
69Slys55.39400.441 day ago
70Crabface0.00399.131 day ago
71Kittx0.00397.501 day ago
72Qed0.00397.311 day ago
73Draaguns0.78396.631 day ago
74Karia14.57396.441 day ago
75Capacitøk0.00395.311 day ago
76Alytienne0.00395.311 day ago
77Ragechasm0.00394.381 day ago
78Gargul0.00393.001 day ago
79Sindorelle0.00392.941 day ago
80Kidx0.00392.691 day ago
81Neveux66.58392.131 day ago
82Capacitøb0.00390.751 day ago
83Monkir358.92390.191 day ago
84Monkmon0.00389.561 day ago
85Hof0.00386.251 day ago
86Druidasaurus656.14386.061 day ago
87Lightofchasm0.78385.751 day ago
88Clinkz0.00384.561 day ago
89Graia0.00383.191 day ago
90Káne656.14383.131 day ago
91Dúffman0.00382.751 day ago
92Bodi0.00381.561 day ago
93Jaaru0.00381.441 day ago
94Manamanama0.00380.131 day ago
95Curse0.00379.561 day ago
96Enjoyit656.14377.001 day ago
97Sheepofilia650.73374.941 day ago
98Moa71.80374.561 day ago
99Keewhy656.14374.061 day ago
100Kitsuni656.14373.751 day ago
101Feéls656.14372.381 day ago
102Alaelyn0.00370.441 day ago
103Thornley97.78369.191 day ago
104Takyn0.00367.001 day ago
105Pyronoid0.00363.441 day ago
106Shiphtytak656.14363.061 day ago
107Methborn0.00361.381 day ago
108Destruck0.00360.501 day ago
109Opti0.00359.501 day ago
110Toxicmist0.00357.381 day ago
111Autophagy0.00355.811 day ago
112Chojun0.00351.061 day ago
113Minus0.00349.881 day ago
114Varmít0.28349.691 day ago
115Dinada0.00347.881 day ago
116Blazebringer0.00347.561 day ago
117Kicx0.00346.751 day ago
118Nefraikesh0.00346.751 day ago
119Miriala0.00346.311 day ago
120Devilkat0.00344.811 day ago
121Musader0.00343.381 day ago
122Shamnu0.00343.251 day ago
123Lesk0.00341.811 day ago
124Inculpable0.00339.191 day ago
125Slopain0.11339.061 day ago
126Ogrul0.00337.631 day ago
127Brash0.00321.501 day ago
128Edgesinger0.00314.191 day ago
129Syk0.00301.251 day ago
130Voodojin0.00299.001 day ago
131Halfcast0.00293.811 day ago
132Kreatehate0.00282.191 day ago
133Slobituary0.00270.001 day ago

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