Update Progress for Dark Eclipse

US-Laughing Skull

1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Trollswat95.84448.1910 days ago
2Mamoot263.68446.4410 days ago
3Lupa0.00446.3110 days ago
4Deadatnight0.59445.5610 days ago
5Mammoth0.00445.3110 days ago
6Voodooman0.00445.1910 days ago
7Boozyßrawler0.00445.0010 days ago
8Soulcleaver0.00444.5010 days ago
9Poison263.68444.4410 days ago
10Ocht11683.73444.2510 days ago
11Shinuske4596.83443.9410 days ago
12Pyromancer0.00443.5610 days ago
13Drß0.00443.3810 days ago
14Unclesam0.00443.3810 days ago
15Keelandon0.00443.2510 days ago
16Ahura0.00443.0610 days ago
17Fianna0.15442.6910 days ago
18Elementalist26.31442.4410 days ago
19Zangetsu0.00442.3810 days ago
20Landor0.00442.0610 days ago
21Sampal0.00442.0610 days ago
22Deathßringer0.00441.1910 days ago
23Mammout0.60441.1310 days ago
24Cd216.95438.6310 days ago
25Holypaladin0.00433.0010 days ago
26Destructin0.00432.8110 days ago
27Demonîac0.00432.8110 days ago
28Demonmir0.00432.6910 days ago
29Whiteale46.36431.1310 days ago
30Benzinn0.00428.8110 days ago
31Scorpiie22.40428.3810 days ago
32Blondeale31.00428.0610 days ago
33Drwu0.00426.8810 days ago
34Stabbypie0.00424.3110 days ago
35Corpsel21.84423.2510 days ago
36Canexxc4.11420.312 months ago
37Hotmoomoo0.00417.5010 days ago
38Cobrä0.45416.812 months ago
39Briandris0.59416.312 months ago
40Kelystria4.17415.692 months ago
41Goel0.00415.1910 days ago
42Oniyukiyasu21.84414.632 months ago
43Brewmistress0.00414.632 months ago
44Ichini0.00414.502 months ago
45Garen0.00413.6910 days ago
46Mawgrimm0.00412.942 months ago
47Najah0.00411.382 months ago
48Magimay11.31411.192 months ago
49Darkestdion0.45408.6310 days ago
50Jukoti21.84407.6310 days ago
51Darkmoon0.00407.6310 days ago
52Dezolez0.00407.252 months ago
53Thedryad0.00404.942 months ago
54Feralhorn0.00404.812 months ago
55Antigone0.00402.442 months ago
56Mammoot0.00402.1310 days ago
57Ilinia21.84401.002 months ago
58Faaunna0.00399.062 months ago
59Partox0.84398.0610 days ago
60Saver0.00397.692 months ago
61Celandra0.00396.812 months ago
62Mortahlity67.31396.252 months ago
63Zarenah0.00395.312 months ago
64Amazn0.00394.062 months ago
65Awakune21.84393.252 months ago
66Tryclyde21.84393.062 months ago
67Trollingmon21.84392.692 months ago
68Factorr4.32392.002 months ago
69Fenring0.30391.002 months ago
70Coralas46.80390.752 months ago
71Farajah21.84388.312 months ago
72Permafrost0.56387.562 months ago
73Outwithabang0.00387.502 months ago
74Rakkisxxc0.30387.442 months ago
75Truckxxc0.00387.382 months ago
76Junosong0.00387.002 months ago
77Trixcie0.00386.192 months ago
78Ivý0.00386.002 months ago
79Clearly0.00385.692 months ago
80Grizz0.45385.632 months ago
81Bublinheals0.52383.442 months ago
82Thienna0.00380.942 months ago
83Yubaba0.00379.752 months ago
84Lilcaboose0.00377.942 months ago
85Teuta0.00377.192 months ago
86Drusala0.00376.382 months ago
87Frozenheart0.45376.312 months ago
88Naib0.00376.252 months ago
89Junh0.00375.752 months ago
90Zarila0.00374.002 months ago
91Qnq69.36373.502 months ago
92Padishah0.00373.132 months ago
93Oblitrator68.17372.442 months ago
94Zanrajahdin0.00370.882 months ago
95Gurnney0.00370.062 months ago
96Li59.09369.252 months ago
97Messatsu0.00368.812 months ago
98Doritös0.00368.752 months ago
99Hasht0.55368.442 months ago
100Greendevil64.92367.312 months ago
101Mentate0.00366.382 months ago
102Demonhuntres36.82366.002 months ago
103Forthewin12.88364.252 months ago
104Honorbound0.65363.382 months ago
105Merciiless59.86362.312 months ago
106Inferno52.84360.942 months ago
107Highhand0.75359.632 months ago
108Laieon38.61355.562 months ago
109Marzalas0.00355.132 months ago
110Dmonhunter0.00354.442 months ago
111Femalemonk0.00353.502 months ago
112Dotalota0.00349.002 months ago
113Tatrajah0.00338.442 months ago
114Lubu0.85337.502 months ago
115Fimbulvetr0.00335.002 months ago
116Henso0.00323.132 months ago
117Amaznlul0.00302.502 months ago
118Marrior0.00300.882 months ago
119Ragnûs0.00299.812 months ago
120Dathavikar0.00295.942 months ago
121Inaang0.00285.632 months ago
122Brup0.00279.942 months ago
123Theironbull0.00179.9424 days ago
125Faelinna0.00--2 months ago
126Daliania0.00--2 months ago
127Deysong0.00--2 months ago
128Älexis0.00--2 months ago

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