Update Progress for Positivity


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Ydén428.57433.502 days ago
2Ydèn27.28428.882 days ago
3Altruit92.20424.382 days ago
4Retzlaff78.54422.192 days ago
5Quaybored4.34422.002 days ago
6Fknrangedlol5816.32421.632 days ago
7Ataxas70.15420.192 days ago
8Valmivri4.07419.502 days ago
9Miekster1.05417.502 days ago
10Mootea0.00416.882 days ago
11Sluttyden326.44416.442 days ago
12Abuestealthy7125.41415.632 days ago
13Graii4.28414.002 days ago
14Whirly412.65413.252 days ago
15Aboouu34.05413.132 days ago
16Dotdotdab439.23412.562 days ago
17Zanxd64891.23412.502 days ago
18Triggadabird30407.64412.442 days ago
19Ataxos424.33411.752 days ago
20Opidktwo77778.98411.132 days ago
21Abutrayer13.02410.942 days ago
22Atx7125.94410.812 days ago
23Kuttlefish29805.72410.692 days ago
24Triggagasm7125.94410.442 days ago
25Sravtwo30742.19410.252 days ago
26Sraveroni442.56410.252 days ago
27Ikkusa7149.92409.562 days ago
28Konductive7125.94409.252 days ago
29Seryn7125.41408.942 days ago
30Swamp0.78407.382 days ago
31Druidbtw53.68407.312 days ago
32Lumidts30859.96406.382 days ago
33Trapgurl7291.38406.192 days ago
34Enditall18817.77405.752 days ago
35Brändin414.67404.382 days ago
36Pokemoans28970.43403.312 days ago
37Pandajam4.43402.132 days ago
38Oracni28230.08401.942 days ago
39Lumidtc7125.41401.692 days ago
40Oddee0.45401.692 days ago
41Ojim5817.58401.562 days ago
42Auspexz30607.67401.252 days ago
43Triggadk7125.41398.632 days ago
44Lumidtf5985.11398.312 days ago
45Zeeßø0.42397.692 days ago
46Jmed0.00397.192 days ago
47Ickusa7125.41397.002 days ago
48Tetram450.00396.692 days ago
49Opihunt7125.41396.312 days ago
50Abuesblondi0.00392.812 days ago
51Numbërz348.07389.502 days ago
52Fizzlebump7125.41388.192 days ago
53Vapour429.86387.942 days ago
54Letterzdh7125.41386.632 days ago
55Arjay3540.84384.312 days ago
56Krew4.33383.752 days ago
57Turbosucc0.00382.692 days ago
58Swedest0.00380.692 days ago
59Roxydoom3.61375.942 days ago
60Masuimi0.00375.062 days ago
61Superfuri311.44374.942 days ago
62Waldream89.71372.632 days ago
63Furiqa425.02368.132 days ago
64Ataxuss0.00365.632 days ago
65Vapourize354.87363.882 days ago
66Furiquan104.52363.252 days ago
67Birdtaxus0.00363.062 days ago
68Devastare44069.43361.812 days ago
69Leftgucislip0.00361.752 days ago
70Opidk441.64360.752 days ago
71Ataxon0.00359.692 days ago
72Zzaannpriest0.00359.252 days ago
73Ataxxas104.67358.562 days ago
74Lumilul1224.92358.192 days ago
75Ataxius0.00357.502 days ago
76Selbstmorde0.00354.132 days ago
77Juicy0.00352.8116 hours ago
78Triggahâppy104.67350.192 days ago
79Serinide0.00349.692 days ago
80Bithindel0.00349.692 days ago
81Deafnautism0.00340.562 days ago
82Keiladin0.00334.132 days ago
83Memesmash0.00303.062 days ago
84Zzaannrogue0.00298.132 days ago
85Gulzzaann0.00285.062 days ago
86Monkagiga0.00284.312 days ago
87Zzaanndk0.00282.502 days ago
88Coolhunterxd0.00254.632 days ago
89Adraxa0.00253.752 days ago

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