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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Falcow12803.76446.134 hours ago
2Erelavant17958.45445.634 hours ago
3Chäós18455.24442.944 hours ago
4Soidyboi12637.89442.384 hours ago
5Shredoflight18539.91441.444 hours ago
6Imapailadin333.33440.634 hours ago
7Silentspriet427.66439.884 hours ago
8Toxicedge12803.76439.7515 hours ago
9Resilient369.92439.564 hours ago
10Grimmtor12776.02439.444 hours ago
11Budsmokr12803.76438.7515 hours ago
12Notawarlockk12583.02438.444 hours ago
13Fallenpandaa18539.91438.254 hours ago
14Cöttonball6679.28438.134 hours ago
15Slaughters391.74438.064 hours ago
16Wräthfül353.33437.944 hours ago
17Desicrator12194.56437.944 hours ago
18Turkôs18539.91437.194 hours ago
19Dellandra12830.89437.004 hours ago
20Senkä18539.91436.754 hours ago
21Beeftendies18539.91436.634 hours ago
22Kadahj12803.76436.4415 hours ago
23Roxynariah18096.95435.814 hours ago
24Vantyr94.02435.318 days ago
25Gnolly17570.60434.944 days ago
26Cerill18539.91434.884 hours ago
27Nyctarythia18013.56434.694 days ago
28Twinktress11611.44434.694 days ago
29Gheto84.96434.4411 days ago
30Neathernes6679.28433.2511 days ago
31Niegan101.86433.008 days ago
32Fallenfox101.19432.8811 days ago
33Badnamebo6486.28432.0611 days ago
34Twerkos349.89431.255 days ago
35Angélique18539.91430.564 days ago
36Captballs400.04430.5626 days ago
37Frôstitution394.93430.3111 days ago
38Tuchankaa18539.92430.0011 days ago
39Temujîn328.30429.254 hours ago
40Okedoke17903.59429.1311 days ago
41Ëx18539.92429.0611 days ago
42Athènå18539.92429.0011 days ago
43Moonrunes41.24428.1311 days ago
44Seshouladin349.89427.885 days ago
45Okedokes12830.89427.3811 days ago
46Mizou72.26426.9411 days ago
47Shaytan83.09426.3811 days ago
48Animecritiez355.03425.945 days ago
49Teayrz18539.92425.6311 days ago
50Chantress0.00425.5011 days ago
51Gammagoblin101.41425.3111 days ago
52Spartusks87.65424.444 hours ago
53Hëcker29.84424.3111 days ago
54Cremated91.28423.6911 days ago
55Skullclaimer358.34423.561 day ago
56Darkàn73.01423.0011 days ago
57Loseifer0.91422.9411 days ago
58Vendy87.32421.5611 days ago
59Exy38.43421.5011 days ago
60Diesél12.37421.1311 days ago
61Mìstweaver13.27420.6311 days ago
62Jessabelly45.92420.5012 days ago
63Coran0.00420.3811 days ago
64Monjin13.76420.3111 days ago
65Kemosobe54.90419.004 hours ago
66Zànzà44.49418.8811 days ago
67Furrycack12.81418.5611 days ago
68Burfwurt0.72416.1926 days ago
69Sixsicksikhs39.45416.0611 days ago
70Cailët65.89415.8811 days ago
71Steeltusk0.00415.814 hours ago
72Totenmocker0.56415.1311 days ago
73Heckboy0.00415.1311 days ago
74Fallenhand4.38413.8111 days ago
75Dropshock0.00413.754 days ago
76Keiji59.02413.3111 days ago
77Grimmlok0.72413.0611 days ago
78Damballa29.84412.4411 days ago
79Grimmtul14.92411.4411 days ago
80Chillness0.26411.0610 days ago
81Grimmkor11.81410.9411 days ago
82Hyjankh0.00410.6911 days ago
83Mojoe401.79409.9411 days ago
84Wrthlesloser3.76409.4411 days ago
85Döömlord6904.81408.2511 days ago
86Wildjuliet0.00408.2511 days ago
87Mackenstein3.61407.6311 days ago
88Kackarott0.00407.6311 days ago
89Tankmate0.00407.5611 days ago
90Awarrior0.12407.1311 days ago
91Zavandra0.00406.5011 days ago
92Reyning11.52405.3811 days ago
93Neatherness0.52405.2511 days ago
94Bultzy71.53405.1911 days ago
95Shulon0.00405.0611 days ago
96Sitonmehfayc0.91404.5611 days ago
97Shotfromhell351.52403.7511 days ago
98Aoepov0.00403.5011 days ago
99Bovengandi0.26403.1311 days ago
100Elicel0.00402.6311 days ago
101Dellidan4.21401.1311 days ago
102Shredoffire36.78400.635 days ago
103Vydel61.30400.5611 days ago
104Titanía0.00399.2511 days ago
105Nikuburim0.00394.6311 days ago
106Daenryss0.00392.9411 days ago
107Idiotic0.00389.3811 days ago
108Shagglock0.00387.5611 days ago
109Mewlliphora0.00387.5011 days ago
110Echös0.00387.0611 days ago
111Awesumzsauce0.00386.7511 days ago
112Grimmlor0.00386.5611 days ago
113Bjron81.93386.0611 days ago
114Roquat709.58385.5011 days ago
115Dòndra13.15384.2511 days ago
116Kody29.89383.888 days ago
117Hulksmashedd0.00378.8811 days ago
118Chotabaega0.00377.8811 days ago
119Grimmtusk0.00377.2511 days ago
120Magumbo0.00376.504 hours ago
121Axer534.68374.0628 days ago
122Xenooe0.00373.1911 days ago
123Zenithar0.00372.445 days ago
124Pavv0.00369.6311 days ago
125Grandwizzod0.00369.3111 days ago
126Grimmkur0.00367.3111 days ago
127Nekranyx0.00364.1911 days ago
128Boloyueng337.96362.7511 days ago
129Dashockdoc0.00353.1311 days ago
130Qualixah0.00341.6911 days ago
131Galvanizer0.00339.6911 days ago
132Cocoandfrost0.00339.6311 days ago
133Chotadin0.00337.5611 days ago
134Fattymcdrunk0.65334.0611 days ago
135Krinler0.00327.2511 days ago
136Broxiegar0.00289.2511 days ago
137Disâster0.00276.5611 days ago
139Thänatøs0.00--2 years ago

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