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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Erlidd75.18444.509 days ago
2Decka369.25443.569 days ago
3Nezerk369.25443.139 days ago
4Varenda5198.89443.069 days ago
5Sheiyk0.60441.199 days ago
6Huntarmarda5198.89441.069 days ago
7Jann369.25440.819 days ago
8Streyad5198.89440.259 days ago
9Bloodknights369.25440.199 days ago
10Wïno50.32440.1320 days ago
11Capnplanet423.69439.569 days ago
12Dragonsaint5197.74439.0621 day ago
13Killerscorpy5197.74438.6321 day ago
14Jindela5197.74437.6321 day ago
15Sorcerax5197.74437.5021 day ago
16Hayhatchie39.42437.1921 day ago
17Alicilina5197.74437.0021 day ago
18Choices0.00436.9421 day ago
19Autolucus6949.30436.9421 day ago
20Fyreblade5198.89436.4412 days ago
21Elviscera393.39436.2521 day ago
22Salmonde5197.74436.1321 day ago
23Erazed415.29435.8121 day ago
24Xzane5197.74435.5621 day ago
25Madsy5197.74435.1321 day ago
26Tallusion5197.74434.8821 day ago
27Tutanshaman369.25434.0621 day ago
28Mulathor5197.74433.9421 day ago
29Tairal95.75433.9421 day ago
30Palamarda98.05433.9422 days ago
31Xsurani369.25433.4421 day ago
32Makimba0.00433.1921 day ago
33Triztina5197.74433.0021 day ago
34Kandrin5197.74432.9421 day ago
35Essenmir99.58432.7521 day ago
36Asun3.39432.6921 day ago
37Oblvnhunta5197.74432.5021 day ago
38Aigmokthar369.25432.2521 day ago
39Tarox369.25432.2521 day ago
40Voodóo84.40432.1921 day ago
41Alissandre3.67432.061 month ago
42Gyron53.40431.5621 day ago
43Ticca97.13431.2521 day ago
44Carazane5197.74430.9421 day ago
45Evenai99.36430.8121 day ago
46Kathella24.98429.8821 day ago
47Neegs99.36429.5021 day ago
48Briktop37.71428.6921 day ago
49Vaana71.01428.2521 day ago
50Scorpypriest63.55425.4421 day ago
51Necronacht67.00424.1921 day ago
52Aakroma0.00424.1321 day ago
53Aloÿ0.00424.0621 day ago
54Febrys58.28423.3821 day ago
55Fluenza37.71423.3121 day ago
56Meashkah3.39423.3121 day ago
57Littup13.40423.1321 day ago
58Konvekta3.89423.0621 day ago
59Cyniper25.14422.8821 day ago
60Beargriz35.37422.3821 day ago
61Hellbrutal28.97419.8821 day ago
62Beefmiester0.00419.8821 day ago
63Beastyheals45.87419.6321 day ago
64Feralmungrol3.15419.1321 day ago
65Pandarenx3.92419.1321 day ago
66Milklizard84.69418.4421 day ago
67Killcraft0.00418.2521 day ago
68Sliprywanwet0.00418.1321 day ago
69Asuramaru14.68417.9421 day ago
70Briktóp3.15417.9421 day ago
71Mulishka3.15417.8821 day ago
72Cruzing5197.74417.7521 day ago
73Bullzýe0.00417.5621 day ago
74Hawkpower1.05416.8821 day ago
75Roguetitan0.45416.5021 day ago
76Agoondrinker0.00416.5021 day ago
77Dealthas0.00416.0021 day ago
78Nzó0.00415.5621 day ago
79Umilde3.92415.1921 day ago
80Zoon0.00414.9421 day ago
81Orcasmx0.00414.8121 day ago
82Dragonbourne59.79414.8121 day ago
83Amelía12.57414.3821 day ago
84Mistreli44.84414.3121 day ago
85Partystarter0.00414.0021 day ago
86Maleficvice0.00413.8821 day ago
87Cherdys0.33413.6921 day ago
88Sninny453.48412.8821 day ago
89Dragonblade3.15411.7521 day ago
90Mannizra0.00411.3821 day ago
91Makgorã0.00411.2521 day ago
92Sabrica0.78410.9421 day ago
93Valgon48.28410.9421 day ago
94Superfunk4.40410.8121 day ago
95Imaginethis6561.26410.8121 day ago
96Apexc0.00410.8121 day ago
97Crazyhog0.00410.6921 day ago
98Grimbrisket0.00410.5021 day ago
99Orratah0.66410.4421 day ago
100Deathblind0.00410.3121 day ago
101Caoimhe0.00409.8121 day ago
102Avihindra3.15409.5021 day ago
103Cuttar0.00409.5021 day ago
104Helltorment0.00409.3121 day ago
105Shaddap405.37409.1321 day ago
106Supergroove55.60409.0021 day ago
107Malignance405.37408.8821 day ago
108Jumps41.63408.8121 day ago
109Carhillion405.37408.4421 day ago
110Cunexttuesdy0.00408.4421 day ago
111Nytharia0.00408.1921 day ago
112Avakato8.29408.0021 day ago
113Featherfoot3.38408.0021 day ago
114Orckin0.00407.9421 day ago
115Bloodhoofs3.15407.5621 day ago
116Hypnotize5373.29407.5021 day ago
117Sqizzy0.00406.9421 day ago
118Keelias0.00406.8821 day ago
119Tawwy0.00406.4421 day ago
120Malastraza3.87406.4421 day ago
121Sylanor5532.84406.3821 day ago
122Antarctika0.00406.1921 day ago
123Musaychie0.00405.8821 day ago
124Hestial0.00405.7521 day ago
125Igniteborne5364.59405.7521 day ago
126Monolife0.56405.6321 day ago
127Yolomcswagin0.70405.3821 day ago
128Kathreeal0.00404.7521 day ago
129Dkarmarda0.00404.6321 day ago
130Deomonica0.00403.7521 day ago
131Dragonsfury0.00403.3821 day ago
132Ltlaforge13.34403.2521 day ago
133Blackinfinte953.98403.1321 day ago
134Potency52.88402.4421 day ago
135Plopperoo12.91402.1321 day ago
136Shatterbear0.00401.7521 day ago
137Kandsham0.00401.5621 day ago
138Chimette0.00401.2521 day ago
139Jumpp49.28401.1321 day ago
140Kortania28.34400.7521 day ago
141Bethaleigh0.00400.7521 day ago
142Zoldamon0.60400.6321 day ago
143Geishà0.00400.5021 day ago
144Warlocklee0.00400.5021 day ago
145Zoeyjane4.05400.5021 day ago
146Snûff0.00400.5021 day ago
147Jesterhmage0.00400.4421 day ago
148Majicmistic0.00400.1921 day ago
149Sensualpanda0.00399.9421 day ago
150Magicmystic0.00399.8821 day ago
151Kileth0.00399.6321 day ago
152Bovinity33.81399.4421 day ago
153Healdatbooty44.04399.3821 day ago
154Lilneegs21.02399.3821 day ago
155Marieva25.14398.8821 day ago
156Wildhog0.00398.6321 day ago
157Holydíver0.84398.5621 day ago
158Revival0.00398.4421 day ago
159Greenrangerr1.05398.2521 day ago
160Smokeadurry0.28397.9421 day ago
161Kquan25.14397.7521 day ago
162Bearwithit0.00397.7521 day ago
163Kandania0.00397.3821 day ago
164Galladruid0.00397.3121 day ago
165Shaurelind0.00397.2521 day ago
166Nykarn394.10397.1321 day ago
167Heillie0.00396.5621 day ago
168Catrida0.00396.1921 day ago
169Yrlissa0.00395.8121 day ago
170Pumpkintits0.00395.5621 day ago
171Krøn0.00395.4421 day ago
172Dipsy0.00394.8821 day ago
173Nykè13.40394.8121 day ago
174Coldrethreth1128.89394.8121 day ago
175Cyblade467.11394.6921 day ago
176Tsuburoso434.03394.6321 day ago
177Triplerage0.00394.1921 day ago
178Slaytanica0.00394.1321 day ago
179Aishar0.00393.6921 day ago
180Volkz1078.64393.5621 day ago
181Dragonblaze3.38393.5621 day ago
182Randomnamee0.00392.9421 day ago
183Plagueo0.00392.9421 day ago
184Cadavreous0.00392.7521 day ago
185Bublina4.27392.6921 day ago
186Vaelorne0.00392.5621 day ago
187Douwanagoana0.00392.3121 day ago
188Revengal0.00392.2521 day ago
189Thickskinned0.00392.0621 day ago
190Neegsjr0.00392.0021 day ago
191Myroiestrian0.00391.9421 day ago
192Orsino0.00391.8821 day ago
193Nxa0.00391.6921 day ago
194Drada0.00391.5021 day ago
195Mushroomsoup0.00391.3121 day ago
196Ragebané0.00391.3121 day ago
197Aviblade0.00391.2521 day ago
198Murlicious0.00391.0621 day ago
199Felkal3.38390.9421 day ago
200Jannuary4.52390.9421 day ago
201Kaljz0.00390.8821 day ago
202Bowshots0.00390.8121 day ago
203Grumbly0.00390.6921 day ago
204Kollx51.72389.7521 day ago
205Rhymenocerus0.00389.6921 day ago
206Dilligafc33.39389.5021 day ago
207Namemedemon0.00389.3121 day ago
208Zulzabar0.00389.2521 day ago
209Reaganrun4.25388.6321 day ago
210Fatalock0.00388.0021 day ago
211Untold0.00387.6921 day ago
212Deathshifts0.00387.6321 day ago
213Braedae0.00387.5021 day ago
214Lillianaa0.00387.3121 day ago
215Xinzi0.00386.6321 day ago
216Zazil873.53386.3121 day ago
217Axlly0.00386.1921 day ago
218Bladetwo12.84385.9421 day ago
219Icedoutqt0.00385.8121 day ago
220Rhaven3.89385.3821 day ago
221Nynko0.00385.0621 day ago
222Archdrood0.00384.5621 day ago
223Melphina3.97384.5021 day ago
224Druuirn0.00384.5021 day ago
225Tasanagosaka0.00384.2521 day ago
226Vestarakhai0.78384.1321 day ago
227Ânsell0.00383.9421 day ago
228Brewtallity0.00383.5021 day ago
229Merciutio0.00383.4421 day ago
230Nowangmang0.00383.4421 day ago
231Velazane0.00383.3121 day ago
232Visale3.77383.2521 day ago
233Ticco1029.05383.2521 day ago
234Moktao0.00383.0621 day ago
235Talliie0.00381.8821 day ago
236Capss0.00381.7521 day ago
237Gallashaman0.00381.6921 day ago
238Selynara0.00381.5621 day ago
239Lohar0.00381.4421 day ago
240Grapenuts22.80379.3121 day ago
241Cease0.00379.0621 day ago
242Pebblees0.00378.6921 day ago
243Aamar0.00378.5021 day ago
244Wrathh0.00378.1921 day ago
245Spirited0.00377.8821 day ago
246Deyvia32.86377.6921 day ago
247Dior873.53377.5621 day ago
248Vasrin11.25377.3121 day ago
249Friedricee0.45376.8821 day ago
250Gankapally1226.03376.6321 day ago
251Melbournee3.86376.5621 day ago
252Nxaza0.84376.5021 day ago
253Quinbane4.05376.0621 day ago
254Shadowkillz0.00375.8121 day ago
255Rekr56.20375.4421 day ago
256Madhoggy0.00375.1921 day ago
257Zerstiren0.00374.0621 day ago
258Pethacks0.30374.0021 day ago
259Hoggy0.00374.0021 day ago
260Azureshadow0.00373.5621 day ago
261Videl653.41373.4421 day ago
262Spoofmonkey1225.92372.6921 day ago
263Mallgorerus0.00372.6921 day ago
264Authoratay25.87372.5621 day ago
265Nxul14.86372.3821 day ago
266Baiyuñ3.15371.7521 day ago
267Jumplock55.07371.5621 day ago
268Mysticshadow0.00371.5021 day ago
269Cylocke0.00371.3121 day ago
270Fhatti0.00371.0621 day ago
271Jhuniper434.03370.8121 day ago
272Ororoi49.25370.7521 day ago
273Velstad38.40370.4421 day ago
274Flange39.17369.6921 day ago
275Ritual0.00369.6321 day ago
276Scorpionlad0.00369.2521 day ago
277Sorrell0.00368.8821 day ago
278Elvenrassy0.00368.7521 day ago
279Kayishigh0.00368.6321 day ago
280Kwh0.56368.5621 day ago
281Penguinpower0.00368.4421 day ago
282Jujuu0.00368.1921 day ago
283Cadaveric0.00367.9421 day ago
284Rangakiller40.74367.3821 day ago
285Neegz0.70366.5621 day ago
286Armorc0.00366.3121 day ago
287Nerosatus96.75366.1921 day ago
288Ganknnoobs581.12365.6321 day ago
289Oristus0.00365.3821 day ago
290Jeshanin0.00365.3121 day ago
291Trixdrem0.12365.0021 day ago
292Gallaestirri0.00364.9421 day ago
293Tingsun0.70364.8821 day ago
294Cupíd0.00364.5621 day ago
295Nxaza0.00363.5021 day ago
296Xuhura0.00363.3821 day ago
297Jendami0.00361.3821 day ago
298Knegrodamus31.89361.3121 day ago
299Ultramegaman0.00360.8121 day ago
300Frostshockk0.00360.3821 day ago
301Heavénz0.00360.0021 day ago
302Omertá0.00359.5021 day ago
303Dragonbolts0.00358.0621 day ago
304Azmadan0.00357.8121 day ago
305Hunterhog0.00357.4421 day ago
306Grumplicles0.00356.3821 day ago
307Bearlyterror0.00356.3121 day ago
308Ngumi0.00355.6921 day ago
309Kheira0.00355.1321 day ago
310Retardacus43.16354.6321 day ago
311Dotalious0.00353.7521 day ago
312Jhanuary0.00352.1321 day ago
313Thefunkmonk20.62351.3121 day ago
314Holyeship14.62350.8121 day ago
315Hauclir0.42350.3821 day ago
316Albelore0.00349.5621 day ago
317Rumaki0.00349.3821 day ago
318Òck0.00349.3821 day ago
319Toxins0.00349.3121 day ago
320Smiteoflight0.00348.8121 day ago
321Cyanïde0.84348.5021 day ago
322Xayaleaf0.00347.6321 day ago
323Iñflames3.97347.5621 day ago
324Redalious33.87347.5621 day ago
325Nimroth1.00346.6321 day ago
326Capatis0.00346.2521 day ago
327Astraamy0.00345.8821 day ago
328Freshlycut0.00345.8121 day ago
329Sengatorom0.00345.2521 day ago
330Meikyo0.00344.5621 day ago
331Cyphon0.00341.4421 day ago
332Cadalys0.00340.8121 day ago
333Keyalanstik0.00340.1921 day ago
334Onaraia0.00339.7521 day ago
335Kridan0.00338.3121 day ago
336Jenkoh0.00336.3821 day ago
337Zãx0.00333.8121 day ago
338Helltroll0.00333.7521 day ago
339Psychõ0.00333.3121 day ago
340Nxul0.00333.3121 day ago
341Ralphwíggum0.00332.1321 day ago
342Lyrasineda0.00331.6921 day ago
343Kiros0.00330.0021 day ago
344Abcess0.00329.8821 day ago
345Daenys0.00328.4421 day ago
346Draviin0.00327.1921 day ago
347Orkdeath0.00327.0621 day ago
348Deuslovult0.00325.3821 day ago
349Magarc0.00325.3121 day ago
350Bloød0.00320.4421 day ago
351Dencreed0.00318.3821 day ago
352Toreo0.00317.0621 day ago
353Juump0.00316.0621 day ago
354Calisophia0.00314.7521 day ago
355Kârby0.00313.8821 day ago
356Gullxar0.00313.1921 day ago
357Ogopa0.00310.3821 day ago
358Buttkracken0.00306.8821 day ago
359Wickedhog0.00299.4421 day ago
360Suboo0.00293.0621 day ago
361Ravenhearts0.00286.0621 day ago
362Alizabal0.00283.6921 day ago
363Hordlock0.00283.0021 day ago
364Jummp0.00281.3121 day ago
365Jumptodaleft0.00279.6921 day ago
366Balaruneya0.00275.8121 day ago
367Zepnarial0.00272.1921 day ago
368Ailur0.00268.7521 day ago
369Löki0.00258.7521 day ago
370Dafuzz369.25201.8821 day ago

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