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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Brastin44.91452.561 day ago
2Sannith44.91451.381 day ago
3Ibdrunk44.91451.311 day ago
4Rickaz44.91450.381 day ago
5Ultra44.91450.131 day ago
6Iremoon44.91450.001 day ago
7Neameny44.91449.311 day ago
8Aladea44.91449.251 day ago
9Guthunnel44.91447.691 day ago
10Dalaishama14.98447.441 day ago
11Sanguinius44.91447.381 day ago
12Sïn44.91445.191 day ago
13Lithlye44.91444.941 day ago
14Skud44.91443.441 day ago
15Zaarrior44.91442.941 day ago
16Insanedruid44.91442.751 day ago
17Suiren1082.55442.503 days ago
18Kyraine334.71442.253 days ago
19Crystål44.91441.811 day ago
20Sîñ9523.89441.633 days ago
21Meinauch44.91440.811 day ago
22Lionboy58.53440.563 days ago
23Blackshears321.34440.313 days ago
24Tallaa44.91439.441 day ago
25Vampet98.50438.253 days ago
26Ketocrotch48.80436.813 days ago
27Miirhim311.41436.693 days ago
28Wolven162.99435.133 days ago
29Ibmonkin0.00434.753 days ago
30Warmoon194.63434.633 days ago
31Omey83.94433.943 days ago
32Shriosar194.63432.253 days ago
33Gutlokhum181.35430.003 days ago
34Anorra0.00429.063 days ago
35Fonzeman0.00428.813 days ago
36Phatabbot42.14426.253 days ago
37Magickpuff298.04425.813 days ago
38Yatesey0.00425.503 days ago
39Sìñ6.02421.383 days ago
40Aindle43.48421.313 days ago
41Lazyeyebobi835.56420.813 days ago
42Elunesta3.74419.563 days ago
43Russîa162.99419.133 days ago
44Thwack0.00418.383 days ago
45Anya14.19417.813 days ago
46Kroons0.00417.313 days ago
47Oriøn0.36417.063 days ago
48Ibholierthan0.00416.133 days ago
49Somraw0.60413.133 days ago
50Klamixa377.42413.003 days ago
51Kirah0.00412.633 days ago
52Sccud24.05412.313 days ago
53Atzi0.00411.753 days ago
54Mcdave11.80410.633 days ago
55Perished0.00409.753 days ago
56Chubley0.33408.943 days ago
57Gîlgâmêsh0.00408.063 days ago
58Zamon0.00407.563 days ago
59Wolvixen33.20407.443 days ago
60Elwan412.34407.383 days ago
61Tephrius0.00407.133 days ago
62Biancaneve0.40406.443 days ago
63Heracura0.21406.003 days ago
64Bonsun0.00404.563 days ago
65Outcastz0.00404.193 days ago
66Elyria0.00402.383 days ago
67Rosevale0.00401.813 days ago
68Fratman0.00401.313 days ago
69Darknorth0.00400.813 days ago
70Fabulous0.60399.383 days ago
71Zrea0.00397.383 days ago
72Subaruguy0.00396.753 days ago
73Slump0.15396.503 days ago
74Olonamoon2.17396.313 days ago
75Cumìnatcha0.00395.883 days ago
76Yuff0.00395.193 days ago
77Theodrin0.00394.193 days ago
78Walaroman0.00393.633 days ago
79Yebuff0.00393.443 days ago
80Mcbohb0.00391.633 days ago
81Guillaman4.62389.943 days ago
82Crystalz0.00388.383 days ago
83Sharppe0.00386.883 days ago
84Nythrala0.00385.813 days ago
85Ivannah47.35385.133 days ago
86Aneirra3.59384.313 days ago
87Southpaw0.00384.313 days ago
88Quincena0.00381.313 days ago
89Nirrti47.35381.253 days ago
90Crystãl0.00381.063 days ago
91Perturbo0.00381.003 days ago
92Kelaadra31.26378.753 days ago
93Gîlgamesh0.00378.193 days ago
94Fratdemon0.00377.883 days ago
95Gottabubu56.82376.813 days ago
96Sînlock0.00376.003 days ago
97Bloodthunder0.00375.813 days ago
98Humblerumble1086.11375.193 days ago
99Jadius1043.43374.813 days ago
100Angrywarlock570.57372.503 days ago
101Mist0.00371.633 days ago
102Muircarla80.66370.253 days ago
103Meinzauberer0.00369.883 days ago
104Sparkke0.00369.633 days ago
105Popmybubbles0.00368.003 days ago
106Mimicall0.27367.753 days ago
107Nachomage0.00367.193 days ago
108Velak14.13363.503 days ago
109Phalladin0.00361.753 days ago
110Lèonàrdo0.00360.063 days ago
111Spellburner20.96359.693 days ago
112Heiligemein0.00357.563 days ago
113Draig79.88357.193 days ago
114Restorickks27.60354.383 days ago
115Wowsham0.00354.313 days ago
116Felhunter0.00353.253 days ago
117Bryth0.00351.883 days ago
118Vigil0.98348.503 days ago
119Aevaala0.00346.193 days ago
120Ailby0.00345.253 days ago
121Artisanal0.75342.883 days ago
122Voutcold40.23341.943 days ago
123Quickly0.00338.693 days ago
124Ganelon0.00337.193 days ago
125Bimboslice0.00333.753 days ago
126Vexella0.00332.503 days ago
127Cervecero0.00328.003 days ago
128Adenosine0.00327.193 days ago
129Atorious0.00324.313 days ago
130Dakas0.00301.503 days ago
131Eradia0.00290.253 days ago
132Demongirl0.00278.443 days ago

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