Update Progress for KnightsOfTheRound


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Deaznuts65.92432.881 day ago
2Harkunan75.84431.501 day ago
3Katuhtonik76.83429.751 day ago
4Relyn0.00427.881 day ago
5Ïo90.22426.811 day ago
6Nefthys0.00421.251 day ago
7Bofadeaznuts0.00420.941 day ago
8Nanukrah35.31420.881 day ago
9Daggar0.12420.501 day ago
10Barraged4.36417.131 day ago
11Nagda0.00415.691 day ago
12Vynlore0.00413.811 day ago
13Sapaho45.15412.811 day ago
14Fu4.36412.631 day ago
15Bigbearcow0.00411.881 day ago
16Fattmoose33.09411.691 day ago
17Katuhkat34.70408.501 day ago
18Tigorus0.00408.001 day ago
19Cörinthian0.06407.561 day ago
20Rabban0.44405.631 day ago
21Horfa0.00404.381 day ago
22Veilora0.00403.691 day ago
23Stompystomps0.76403.441 day ago
24Lilbeefsteak4.49402.251 day ago
25Kituhkatuh0.00402.061 day ago
26Keia0.00401.501 day ago
27Fattdots0.00401.441 day ago
28Paladindruid0.00400.131 day ago
29Datopan0.00399.311 day ago
30Gorkey0.42398.941 day ago
31Furrybawlz0.00398.311 day ago
32Sockum4.49397.251 day ago
33Erteil58.09396.131 day ago
34Furyfist2911.80394.061 day ago
35Fatshammy0.00393.691 day ago
36Sínndíe66.19393.631 day ago
37Typhoon0.00391.061 day ago
38Wabisuke0.00389.751 day ago
39Måx0.00389.311 day ago
40Fattsmash0.00388.881 day ago
41Dyzfunkshin1358.00388.251 day ago
42Totesmagee0.00388.191 day ago
43Janedoe92.84388.061 day ago
44Aleania4.52387.251 day ago
45Starry0.00387.001 day ago
46Lolpreist0.00386.381 day ago
47Ahriman0.00386.251 day ago
48Gulon0.00385.881 day ago
49Razzorice0.00384.251 day ago
50Golla0.70384.191 day ago
51Komsukit0.00383.381 day ago
52Kazadari321.31380.751 day ago
53Zaejin0.00380.691 day ago
54Selaeyna0.50380.311 day ago
55Ðotpocket379.75379.561 day ago
56Vambran695.93377.311 day ago
57Lifeboom1324.98376.941 day ago
58Havikrin0.00376.501 day ago
59Tierjager2911.80375.631 day ago
60Callmemaybe1324.98372.001 day ago
61Orngecaramel0.00371.251 day ago
62Matcha1341.55371.251 day ago
63Kynlár0.00370.691 day ago
64Wedomonk31.64369.691 day ago
65Natorud99.50368.501 day ago
66Tiinkx57.86368.501 day ago
67Kalyde59.02368.441 day ago
68Seni0.00367.631 day ago
69Azereus0.00365.811 day ago
70Wedodk0.00365.561 day ago
71Goopgut98.33365.441 day ago
72Rockum0.00364.941 day ago
73Mojomasher0.00363.561 day ago
74Shieldshock95.46363.251 day ago
75Spudgun0.00362.131 day ago
76Wikket0.60361.751 day ago
77Toridae0.00360.881 day ago
78Mortali0.00358.881 day ago
79Shenar0.00357.381 day ago
80Joemuscle0.39355.751 day ago
81Lilpimpjuice248.03355.311 day ago
82Getdrunk14.32355.191 day ago
83Imunseen9.36354.001 day ago
84Seifer0.00353.631 day ago
85Greeve0.45352.061 day ago
86Morgànà0.00351.251 day ago
87Galbraith96.67350.441 day ago
88Madwic0.00349.751 day ago
89Scheherazade0.00349.251 day ago
90Vylyn0.00346.191 day ago
91Se1.05343.061 day ago
92Nakedwarlock0.30340.941 day ago
93Czerin0.00340.501 day ago
94Thisiscrazy0.00340.441 day ago
95Garharn0.00335.751 day ago
96Greevur0.00335.501 day ago
97Revengedeath0.00322.561 day ago
98Morinwe0.00319.441 day ago
99Shinnova0.00314.691 day ago
100Hazwazlekwaz0.00310.941 day ago
101Darklyghtz0.00301.561 day ago
102Luckxury0.00294.811 day ago
103Zemenzo0.00288.441 day ago
104Kilrasha0.00284.501 day ago
105Kaelline0.00270.811 day ago
106Reliori0.00269.251 day ago
107Nooba0.00257.561 day ago
108Regerian0.00252.811 day ago
109Vhok0.00244.001 day ago
110Kavorian0.00226.441 day ago
111Jebedia0.00214.191 day ago
112Madrak0.00201.561 day ago

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