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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Beefstu408.37444.251 day ago
2Tånksinatra408.37443.441 day ago
3Nothixx13386.80443.001 day ago
4Delicious408.37442.941 day ago
5Stormymood14708.23442.251 day ago
6Nathrach13386.80441.751 day ago
7Krazytoxic13022.81441.441 day ago
8Nothiccs69.11441.311 day ago
9Scarcely408.37440.811 day ago
10Zhebdek408.37437.881 day ago
11Typicalbagel408.37437.311 day ago
12Spizzyspank408.37437.251 day ago
13Question65.22436.751 day ago
14Demønhuntard386.67435.691 day ago
15Grateful0.24435.251 day ago
16Alza79.51434.811 day ago
17Terranova408.37433.941 day ago
18Gnostromo258.31433.381 day ago
19Naydra408.37433.311 day ago
20Undystain51.19433.131 day ago
21Burittney0.00432.751 day ago
22Grumpymood0.00431.441 day ago
23Nostromo398.32431.381 day ago
24Stormyfel58.50430.501 day ago
25Misstufftuff408.37430.501 day ago
26Thebolder0.00430.441 day ago
27Chocodemon301.59428.631 day ago
28Nostroviah72.24425.881 day ago
29Krazylight14.70424.691 day ago
30Nothdk50.16424.631 day ago
31Maccabees0.00424.311 day ago
32Chocobeer0.00423.941 day ago
33Astronova0.00422.001 day ago
34Thunderway0.60421.191 day ago
35Skaharra0.00420.381 day ago
36Ecclesias0.72418.381 day ago
37Lycanostromo0.00416.381 day ago
38Portalmaker87.49414.131 day ago
39Stormyshift34.95413.311 day ago
40Brewsinatra0.00412.501 day ago
41Nost285.34412.251 day ago
42Ãgatha0.84411.811 day ago
43Combatmedìc0.00411.501 day ago
44Çløûd84.02410.751 day ago
45Greenparses0.00410.691 day ago
46Spankinankle0.00409.191 day ago
47Stormydot373.16408.631 day ago
48Roofeeo0.11407.811 day ago
49Rachelslove74.58407.381 day ago
50Smashandbash0.00407.191 day ago
51Carendal34.16406.691 day ago
52Midnighthawk0.00405.631 day ago
53Shocksicated0.00404.751 day ago
54Luxflammea65.22404.691 day ago
55Jumpee371.41404.191 day ago
56Tolerant0.00404.131 day ago
57Supermoon371.41403.941 day ago
58Tannox3.37403.561 day ago
59Stormyrage0.00403.441 day ago
60Gaudy0.00402.561 day ago
61Stormyfever0.00402.441 day ago
62Thunderstank371.41402.441 day ago
63Meowimakítty3.18401.941 day ago
64Cakies371.41401.811 day ago
65Misschieff396.00401.061 day ago
66Shalube0.00400.941 day ago
67Gèrtrude41.94400.751 day ago
68Stush14.37400.191 day ago
69Xephina0.00399.251 day ago
70Torbot0.00398.811 day ago
71Thunderwand384.34398.691 day ago
72Tarasha0.00398.001 day ago
73Cels0.00397.311 day ago
74Juicedsnoopy0.00396.131 day ago
75Nykina42.93396.001 day ago
76Magdadi0.00395.631 day ago
77Sectum0.00395.501 day ago
78Smitesinatra0.00392.131 day ago
79Sharrowkyn0.00392.061 day ago
80Neraellin46.55391.381 day ago
81Fakinsupah2728.98390.501 day ago
82Ronas0.00390.061 day ago
83Elated0.00389.441 day ago
84Magderah0.00389.191 day ago
85Lavacakies0.00388.941 day ago
86Oftheserpent0.11387.001 day ago
87Broadnova0.00386.691 day ago
88Shamed0.00386.251 day ago
89Paluzeta0.00385.311 day ago
90Blowie0.00383.561 day ago
91Vegies0.00383.251 day ago
92Bladenova0.00382.631 day ago
93Sideclone0.65382.191 day ago
94Arashiookami383.27380.751 day ago
95Vehrn0.00380.251 day ago
96Brutiful0.00380.191 day ago
97Cantbedk4.40379.631 day ago
98Árya0.00379.251 day ago
99Darthladyy338.16378.441 day ago
100Coldu324.81378.441 day ago
101Saintjohn383.27377.381 day ago
102Randice383.27374.941 day ago
103Melodypond0.00374.631 day ago
104Bailian416.72373.881 day ago
105Tåñk0.00373.751 day ago
106Festivities0.00371.941 day ago
107Pastries0.00370.811 day ago
108Rtfoh383.27369.561 day ago
109Eternita324.81369.441 day ago
110Arryn0.00369.191 day ago
111Thickythick324.81367.131 day ago
112Navia0.00365.811 day ago
113Juicyrage0.00365.631 day ago
114Distanza0.00364.061 day ago
115Teenydots0.00361.751 day ago
116Marchhair98.25361.061 day ago
117Tubbtub42.60360.691 day ago
118Kentuckymule0.00360.381 day ago
119Job0.00357.881 day ago
120Ashanti0.00357.441 day ago
121Kaugra1.05356.191 day ago
122Udeàdqt0.98356.061 day ago
123Chimendous0.00355.941 day ago
124Bakeries0.00355.251 day ago
125Beardedtaint0.00352.311 day ago
126Thrilled0.00352.191 day ago
127Savories0.00350.441 day ago
128Delicacies0.00349.691 day ago
129Rallithan14.70349.561 day ago
130Ooppie0.00349.251 day ago
131Goodies0.00348.751 day ago
132Zalaen0.00347.191 day ago
133Kachoww0.56344.811 day ago
134Mulah0.56340.131 day ago
135Lolcasting0.00340.131 day ago
136Poofuhlu1.05339.061 day ago
137Groceries0.00338.691 day ago
138Velenoso0.00338.561 day ago
139Undeadadin0.14337.061 day ago
140Qualities0.00336.381 day ago
141Fjorekk0.00331.941 day ago
142Krazyhunter0.00317.881 day ago
143Rinnella0.00311.751 day ago
144Hankit0.00308.881 day ago
145Falstdad0.00300.191 day ago
146Stafu0.00294.631 day ago
147Moondew0.00293.131 day ago
148Shadowshaper0.00291.311 day ago
149Pladius0.0023.631 day ago
150Grannola0.00--1 day ago
151Sugarbeár0.00--1 day ago
152Weezn0.00--1 day ago
153Aatass0.00--1 day ago

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