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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Ärtymess482828.00304.191 day ago
2Crimsongale5000.00304.061 day ago
3Bizzul12500.00303.691 day ago
4Epispaghetti493846.03302.561 day ago
5Frekidono335578.96302.191 day ago
6Hággi111.03300.881 day ago
7Blockchainz19614.81300.881 day ago
8Pancaketaco493846.03300.191 day ago
9Skyyshot30.00300.001 day ago
10Minaten18.24299.751 day ago
11Tmyunggravy0.00299.441 day ago
12Thiccsky432898.15299.381 day ago
13Peihwa493846.03299.251 day ago
14Eldhraun493846.03298.941 day ago
15Necrotickles16.98298.691 day ago
16Sparbar296801.47298.001 day ago
17Kamaara0.98297.881 day ago
18Reddss394161.07297.131 day ago
19Audurinbrew150.00296.001 day ago
20Délinecion28161.04294.941 day ago
21Sonnics34770.53294.811 day ago
22Pslul11819.71294.441 day ago
23Hoppet181.07293.061 day ago
24Vohrrh0.17293.061 day ago
25Artyd252344.36292.561 day ago
26Elolock11239.37291.441 day ago
27Goodtimex296753.60290.691 day ago
28Besutodragon0.00289.751 day ago
29Feloslong5.33289.441 day ago
30Itsyaboijake0.00289.001 day ago
31Elobtw24313.43287.631 day ago
32Mistfists0.00286.191 day ago
33Benchelo0.00285.131 day ago
34Weàtherboy0.00284.131 day ago
35Victasys44.02283.811 day ago
36Besutorogue0.00283.191 day ago
37Krákatøa45.00281.311 day ago
38Skyyroll14600.37281.131 day ago
39Reddsspriest0.00279.061 day ago
40Elojr68.07278.561 day ago
41Voodooladx493846.03278.381 day ago
42Vohrpal0.28277.811 day ago
43Reddssrogue13.42277.751 day ago
44Bartzx92.36277.561 day ago
45Stepsista1.30277.001 day ago
46Imbah0.00276.881 day ago
47Throwinkegs0.00276.251 day ago
48Feelingcold0.00275.441 day ago
49Vengep0.00275.061 day ago
50Drsheep0.00275.061 day ago
51Rngr8268.42274.501 day ago
52Reddswarrior0.39273.501 day ago
53Fláminis255.91267.941 day ago
54Vengefrenzy0.00267.441 day ago
55Muffintorta0.00265.631 day ago
56Greenapril0.00265.501 day ago
57Reddssmonk0.00264.501 day ago
58Reddsspala0.26263.691 day ago
59Kenthy0.00263.631 day ago
60Shirosake27.66262.001 day ago
61Shirokuma14.98261.061 day ago
62Shirogami0.00260.881 day ago
63Skylordx0.00260.631 day ago
64Crimsondruid0.00260.131 day ago
65Stepsistah0.00259.191 day ago
66Nopnotsonics0.00257.811 day ago
67Sarasyn0.00256.881 day ago
68Viledr0.00256.881 day ago
69Yungsus0.00255.881 day ago
70Kamaaradk104.93254.881 day ago
71Lefluid0.00253.441 day ago
72Hopzen0.00252.001 day ago
73Artymonka0.00251.311 day ago
74Vanadyr531594.52250.251 day ago
75Vilerogue0.00248.251 day ago
76Indiefoxx531594.52248.001 day ago
77Kenthv52.20245.311 day ago
78Soarah21884.16240.881 day ago
79Juicygnome0.00238.691 day ago
80Notclay0.00236.811 day ago
81Girthycheeks2.57236.811 day ago
82Ripvoodoox0.00234.751 day ago
83Reddssdrood15273.12234.251 day ago
84Elodk0.00233.191 day ago
85Artypall0.00230.061 day ago
86Aminoasshead0.00227.811 day ago
87Deathskyx0.00226.561 day ago
88Reddsmage0.00225.191 day ago
89Hopnslap0.00223.941 day ago
90Kenthz0.00218.631 day ago
91Hopasino0.00215.631 day ago
92Downwards0.00208.251 day ago
93Gtxl0.00206.131 day ago
94Brapletpanda0.00199.941 day ago
95Thiccbrapper0.00199.811 day ago
96Hoppi0.00194.691 day ago
97Cloudmk0.00193.251 day ago
98Thevoker0.00--1 day ago
99Fistvoker0.00--1 day ago
100Vilevoker0.00--1 day ago
101Crimsondrake0.00--1 day ago
102Shrennron0.00--1 day ago
103Erasure0.00--1 day ago
104Toastahkiin0.00--1 day ago
105Artyvoke0.00--1 day ago
106Reddssevoker0.00--1 day ago
107Hopx0.00--1 day ago

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