Guild has been added to queue, please check back the guild page later!

Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Neighbors23227.96450.441 day ago
2Sábaton23811.09450.251 day ago
3Drandt24752.67449.691 day ago
4Hellchaoz17980.82449.631 day ago
5Skölldir24150.58449.381 day ago
6Noîr24752.67448.191 day ago
7Bathbeyomb24559.60448.131 day ago
8Sávagedeath27172.05448.001 day ago
9Aragonh8114.04447.811 day ago
10Drksmonk27614.56447.691 day ago
11Bëamer16320.37446.941 day ago
12Sensitivthug13288.41446.561 day ago
13Seelock24752.67446.561 day ago
14Adrelorind24752.67446.131 day ago
15Kaeper14985.94446.061 day ago
16Nefirius326.73445.941 day ago
17Drkpaladinn12566.78445.881 day ago
18Drkdruid14939.16445.561 day ago
19Rhantus12372.70445.561 day ago
20Fleener89.06445.501 day ago
21Sevenseal19264.08445.441 day ago
22Jemahh24752.67445.311 day ago
23Xyerst24752.67445.061 day ago
24Enyaj18754.28445.061 day ago
25Xanetara6133.60444.501 day ago
26Papanegron22449.47444.001 day ago
27Getthisbread21033.11443.941 day ago
28Ornyx10471.64443.881 day ago
29Jacobw189.50443.881 day ago
30Voldolan6429.95443.751 day ago
31Rumperpumper8005.91443.501 day ago
32Wilferall24559.60443.001 day ago
33Thosetatstho24392.75442.751 day ago
34Crocks13118.99442.381 day ago
35Arenrath6817.86442.131 day ago
36Paradïim276.64442.131 day ago
37Drkwarrior10449.46442.001 day ago
38Maww201.66441.811 day ago
39Zoodlez11651.27441.751 day ago
40Alysa14380.08441.631 day ago
41Wiindranger10620.44441.561 day ago
42Jumaal10141.57441.501 day ago
43Arrowznbuttz343.79441.381 day ago
44Lagerthâ13221.82441.251 day ago
45Theonlyone5718.18441.251 day ago
46Nôôb5.99441.251 day ago
47Zappboi2596.30441.001 day ago
48Bomboyage11772.57441.001 day ago
49Domenuggyz265.21440.941 day ago
50Theonlyonex20671.82440.811 day ago
51Rassius334.94440.631 day ago
52Joedemort253.22440.501 day ago
53Noîrr323.28440.061 day ago
54Lexár80.40439.941 day ago
55Threeseal96.74439.691 day ago
56Dèlsym68.39439.691 day ago
57Yavid20699.93439.501 day ago
58Jiffyjeffy274.66439.381 day ago
59Repfarm7970.35438.811 day ago
60Erikor323.28438.691 day ago
61Zosyn0.00438.501 day ago
62Cornholeeo229.89438.501 day ago
63Galandrin4.47438.251 day ago
64Orbeck346.97438.191 day ago
65Torvy253.22438.131 day ago
66Saltydog306.54438.061 day ago
67Reenkion191.50438.001 day ago
68Mhaze6624.79437.881 day ago
69Hellnoyo0.42437.811 day ago
70Thotianaa19458.05437.561 day ago
71Lanuaria97.55437.501 day ago
72Vanhalsing22645.02437.311 day ago
73Mendiix17019.26437.061 day ago
74Blizkrieg21479.14436.941 day ago
75Leosix0.00436.691 day ago
76Hatefull19651.77436.631 day ago
77Respectfull18710.19436.631 day ago
78Laruya0.96436.561 day ago
79Bringer306.62436.441 day ago
80Murogath258.68436.441 day ago
81Moonswrath353.35436.311 day ago
82Mechdowels24.12436.251 day ago
83Drkmage0.00436.131 day ago
84Azo251.53435.881 day ago
85Jooslapah6817.86435.751 day ago
86Faos38.41435.691 day ago
87Dyldont4875.26435.631 day ago
88Devilmage233.23435.381 day ago
89Doctôr0.00435.191 day ago
90Dreadriot69.05434.381 day ago
91Sagal276.64434.191 day ago
92Orphanpunch258.68433.751 day ago
93Drkshamen356.74433.441 day ago
94Uséiess258.35433.001 day ago
95Iceyfizzle96.67432.751 day ago
96Frostyballz62.70432.561 day ago
97Sòzin0.00432.501 day ago
98Ratbaseturd404.82432.251 day ago
99Makaría96.51432.191 day ago
100Nightmaroe25.00432.001 day ago
101Fearfaceroll311.63431.881 day ago
102Aristhrottle0.00430.811 day ago
103Sînôn0.00430.561 day ago
104Bigdumbdruid264.94430.441 day ago
105Sloffie0.39430.131 day ago
106Baithoven0.00429.881 day ago
107Equilla10.00429.631 day ago
108Litfamkiki34.98429.381 day ago
109Swiftar433.01429.311 day ago
110Oneseal229.89428.631 day ago
111Spazzin1.58428.501 day ago
112Rhagë83.81428.251 day ago
113Escobâr33.75428.061 day ago
114Leyala0.00428.061 day ago
115Manbearkitty288.32427.881 day ago
116Murdersong4.47427.691 day ago
117Sárah36.50427.501 day ago
118Fruitcup264.94427.381 day ago
119Vanhells13.37427.311 day ago
120Wastedx0.00427.191 day ago
121Nillaboar0.00426.941 day ago
122Dahloza0.20426.691 day ago
123Lyleta70.77426.561 day ago
124Anyshia46.15426.501 day ago
125Rikosuave3.96426.381 day ago
126Papserakum10.74426.381 day ago
127Davein22.14425.881 day ago
128Royalist0.49425.811 day ago
129Moosmom39.09425.001 day ago
130Thádros87.23424.881 day ago
131Ralhm358.27424.631 day ago
132Moistytank0.35424.381 day ago
133Pryrene80.21424.311 day ago
134Zico17.49423.751 day ago
135Jazzybelle0.00423.061 day ago
136Heimdali6681.35422.131 day ago
137Totemflash323.28422.061 day ago
138Konto0.39421.941 day ago
139Kelevrah3.92421.251 day ago
140Vyerst0.00420.811 day ago
141Iceheals0.98420.251 day ago
142Scoobatank59.17420.061 day ago
143Zalamazat12.71419.881 day ago
144Drphilurbutt0.24419.691 day ago
145Upgradde0.49418.811 day ago
146Gummyplz10.44418.691 day ago
147Skriibe0.42418.381 day ago
148Mõmo299.97418.131 day ago
149Tenseal2.31417.501 day ago
150Sëppoku214.86416.751 day ago
151Nonshasical0.22416.001 day ago
152Drelfina63.75415.691 day ago
153Littycat11.91415.251 day ago
154Deflorate4.47415.061 day ago
155Khaotikclaw0.00414.941 day ago
156Yaunder0.00414.941 day ago
157Exodarn0.30414.631 day ago
158Arcaniix23.76413.881 day ago
159Morrigannaa0.00413.881 day ago
160Gnomerdon0.00413.881 day ago
161Laurael0.00413.691 day ago
162Xannil0.18413.561 day ago
163Stroku0.00412.691 day ago
164Littletwerk98.63410.441 day ago
165Yepitsme0.00409.691 day ago
166Zanïïx15.76409.561 day ago
167Gankmebro0.27409.441 day ago
168Tiquiya0.00409.191 day ago
169Touchedbythe0.00409.131 day ago
170Demisè0.14406.311 day ago
171Midoreya0.00406.191 day ago
172Aelayna0.00406.061 day ago
173Helpfull0.36404.381 day ago
174Holythodak0.00403.381 day ago
175Slagz0.00402.941 day ago
176Todoroky0.00402.381 day ago
177Masdemy0.00401.631 day ago
178Chlorii0.00401.561 day ago
179Ayther0.00400.811 day ago
180Çlairvoyançe0.00400.061 day ago
181Novadia0.00400.001 day ago
182Inaeth0.00398.001 day ago
183Miiá0.00397.191 day ago
184Spownce0.00396.881 day ago
185Darrc0.00396.751 day ago
186Âesir0.00396.441 day ago
187Shadcuck0.00396.131 day ago
188Mcsneak0.70395.811 day ago
189Gracite0.00394.941 day ago
190Yundastand0.00394.501 day ago
191Nûra0.35394.501 day ago
192Batìatus0.00394.311 day ago
193Niffle0.00393.811 day ago
194Centerice0.00392.251 day ago
195Torchedlol0.00389.251 day ago
196Lollucifer4.06389.191 day ago
197Wafflethief0.00388.941 day ago
198Eightseal0.00387.441 day ago
199Shryukan0.00386.501 day ago
200Drexy0.00383.941 day ago
201Åuras0.00383.691 day ago
202Óm0.00382.311 day ago
203Arliea0.00381.131 day ago
204Mourdotz0.00380.191 day ago
205Cptslipship0.00375.811 day ago
206Behemothlord0.00373.381 day ago
207Strokez0.00372.811 day ago
208Halfash0.00369.501 day ago
209Mathadian0.00368.811 day ago
210Raorick0.00366.881 day ago
211Kumîko0.00355.311 day ago
212Cri0.00343.001 day ago
213Kriikor0.00341.061 day ago
214Finalfreeze0.00324.001 day ago
215Celenesa0.00285.561 day ago
216Jscrub37.48268.381 day ago
217Tutakai0.00266.061 day ago
218Razershot0.00224.381 day ago
219Drahadord0.00203.751 day ago
220Deathdrop0.00178.631 day ago
221Cloakmedaddy0.00176.381 day ago
222Chchchchia0.0023.631 day ago
223Dreadnym0.00--1 day ago
224Classx0.00--1 day ago

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