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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Blefuscu36514.75477.311 day ago
2Dnb36514.75474.751 day ago
3Behomiir36514.75472.691 day ago
4Craggie36514.75472.501 day ago
5Azzurl36514.75472.381 day ago
6Bawloo36375.52471.561 day ago
7Infenso36514.75470.441 hour ago
8Drewbae36514.75470.441 day ago
9Agònyze36185.95469.941 day ago
10Stormstoute36514.75469.502 days ago
11Drengarblar22361.18469.132 days ago
12Dröwzy36322.55468.941 day ago
13Kashalra29272.88468.562 days ago
14Benna36514.75468.002 days ago
15Torbles36514.75468.002 days ago
16Davesdk29274.25467.192 days ago
17Beladìn36375.52466.812 days ago
18Emkayl36375.52466.632 days ago
19Smeld73.21466.562 days ago
20Kencredible36514.75465.562 days ago
21Truqt36514.75465.131 day ago
22Havym428.54462.942 days ago
23Lamissaa416.84461.312 days ago
24Cosaçk22361.18461.252 days ago
25Vegx408.31461.062 days ago
26Lycoria36514.75460.692 days ago
27Nausèous7297.75460.692 days ago
28Strydur416.84460.132 days ago
29Inkies36378.15458.502 days ago
30Shmight6.87456.062 days ago
31Fulgoraa1.35455.502 days ago
32Fluster0.15454.312 days ago
33Thirdeyez0.00452.252 days ago
34Mackranzhu13.82449.252 days ago
35Neekapkilla369.94448.132 days ago
36Vaylac0.00447.942 days ago
37Crag40.59446.882 days ago
38Nàuseous44570.97446.442 days ago
39Delaylreith0.00446.132 days ago
40Popomandrin0.70446.132 days ago
41Nausêous10046.61445.192 days ago
42Afurrylady38741.50444.502 days ago
43Draxsdemon26814.17443.942 days ago
44Yng0.75443.502 days ago
45Emkayel164.43443.252 days ago
46Jksac71.17440.562 days ago
47Itsame0.00440.502 days ago
48Biggerfead10389.26440.252 days ago
49Stormfluff27983.87439.882 days ago
50Boomaa27.92439.312 days ago
51Drewbay20656.86439.062 days ago
52Rhigrowth101.36439.062 days ago
53Ozoné40823.74436.062 days ago
54Inoue373.15435.502 days ago
55Darkentent35.16431.192 days ago
56Kathi19.50428.812 days ago
57Odïum22018.05427.632 days ago
58Drenhuntard0.00427.442 days ago
59Belamuel0.00427.192 days ago
60Rotslobber4.46427.192 days ago
61Mackfurian22018.05427.062 days ago
62Bawlaa360.08426.442 days ago
63Popomegalul395.05424.882 days ago
64Nyssanna22018.05423.812 days ago
65Petcity0.00423.752 days ago
66Navigate4.16421.502 days ago
67Frósti0.00418.882 days ago
68Spookd439.38418.812 days ago
69Kyve5596.84417.562 days ago
70Ultimedieu439.38417.312 days ago
71Xyrm399.34416.942 days ago
72Bigendian6131.39416.752 days ago
73Realez0.00416.562 days ago
74Nàus13.59416.442 days ago
75Jimlähey427.65415.002 days ago
76Rhyvangelist429.52414.632 days ago
77Veiosia439.38414.002 days ago
78Roosterjuice33356.48413.252 days ago
79Torblade5771.47413.132 days ago
80Poodle64639.03411.812 days ago
81Kenvelop6179.07411.382 days ago
82Pumpd0.00411.132 days ago
83Burgalicious427.65411.062 days ago
84Hemuro6707.60410.312 days ago
85Davesmonk0.00410.312 days ago
86Dkbago0.00409.942 days ago
87Furrybagel0.06409.942 days ago
88Ogremaan0.00409.252 days ago
89Climate323.08408.442 days ago
90Drewbai0.00408.132 days ago
91Selinica369.39406.632 days ago
92Kybs0.00406.382 days ago
93Drewbabe0.00404.752 days ago
94Stabbystout0.00404.692 days ago
95Kirogarduk21823.86404.132 days ago
96Terminate4049.13403.632 days ago
97Havydruid0.00400.752 days ago
98Daveshunter0.00398.942 days ago
99Buckle0.00397.502 days ago
100Mackjaeden0.39396.632 days ago
101Stôrmi0.00392.562 days ago
102Nostun25.84391.062 days ago
103Ogreman0.00390.192 days ago
104Cósack0.00389.002 days ago
105Yennefër14.14388.812 days ago
106Sonicbloom40.16386.132 days ago
107Heizero3449.02385.812 days ago
108Drewings0.00383.632 days ago
109Oolz4.28383.312 days ago
110Jalejandro0.00383.192 days ago
111Dahveed0.00381.752 days ago
112Betancore0.00381.692 days ago
113Kiøv0.00381.562 days ago
114Brreezy395.65380.632 days ago
115Vegz0.00379.252 days ago
116Cragie1311.78379.252 days ago
117Vejj0.00376.002 days ago
118Expand1841.27375.382 days ago
119Kyliana95.38371.442 days ago
120Puppynation0.00371.252 days ago
121Kenhancement0.00370.692 days ago
122Darvek0.00369.882 days ago
123Boomkeñ0.00367.812 days ago
124Peterhero1.03358.002 days ago
125Hamerspamer43.83355.752 days ago
126Mongd3.81352.752 days ago
127Mediate0.15352.002 days ago
128Memoomema0.00350.812 days ago
129Vedni0.60347.252 days ago
130Mackgraine0.00342.502 days ago
131Presist0.00328.812 days ago
132Krisfarley0.00318.382 days ago
133Havymonk0.00310.192 days ago
134Cragdad0.00308.442 days ago
135Serotonina0.00223.692 days ago

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