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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Sandboxx56539.83448.001 day ago
2Medulla56539.83447.691 day ago
3Tassili56539.83447.381 day ago
4Eròs21950.45446.941 day ago
5Satanicookie56539.83446.941 day ago
6Drunkstagger56539.83446.631 day ago
7Faiyexcookie0.00446.501 day ago
8Jurbxz56539.83446.311 day ago
9Milesdh56539.83446.131 day ago
10Psychoxx19133.28445.751 day ago
11Magnit46802.27445.501 day ago
12Suplazyn56539.83445.381 day ago
13Admiredfob56539.83445.381 day ago
14Brilliam56539.83445.191 day ago
15Psychox56539.83445.191 day ago
16Miwa56539.83445.061 day ago
17Abcboy42008.74444.881 day ago
18Madawk56539.83444.751 day ago
19Sopa18665.59444.561 day ago
20Fossilz28709.00444.561 day ago
21Skjelstad56539.83444.441 day ago
22Ivankov56539.83444.311 day ago
23Fossilized56539.83443.881 day ago
24Dampteeth47714.22443.631 day ago
25Raidynaga9841.05443.441 day ago
26Trancepants393.21443.251 day ago
27Terodactyl13811.27443.191 day ago
28Kmg356.83442.751 day ago
29Revan24075.98442.631 day ago
30Darthhrevan56539.83442.631 day ago
31Skyhaven39995.16442.381 day ago
32Asharyn44775.33442.381 day ago
33Hollylulz35691.95442.381 day ago
34Leyerah47513.94442.061 day ago
35Garrazo24930.56441.941 day ago
36Liljurbz23712.80441.311 day ago
37Voidbrew393.31441.311 day ago
38Matar49812.22440.941 day ago
39Snutzrogue73.87440.631 day ago
40Sïmplexx56539.83440.501 day ago
41Inkant56539.83439.631 day ago
42Parmesan323.23439.311 day ago
43Ramtough15726.75439.251 day ago
44Okaybuddy12854.57439.191 day ago
45Papadk56539.83439.001 day ago
46Kurzhan46802.27438.381 day ago
47Milesm13517.40438.381 day ago
48Gándalf27554.39438.311 day ago
49Holyordèr4315.53438.131 day ago
50Supplazin27543.09437.751 day ago
51Ssuplazin293.25437.691 day ago
52Jambee68.32436.881 day ago
53Blizzfury92.08436.631 day ago
54Ookz80.07436.631 day ago
55Ahriscookies13111.43436.441 day ago
56Skjel66.71436.191 day ago
57Blazedcookie13631.57435.311 day ago
58Nozznoparse29339.49435.001 day ago
59Monklazin284.95434.251 day ago
60Juggy100.88433.941 day ago
61Niozar0.00433.881 day ago
62Amayged49642.45433.811 day ago
63Suuplazin15372.91433.501 day ago
64Papirey333.27433.311 day ago
65Nijl88.48431.941 day ago
66Boxx422.13431.441 day ago
67Shifttabgal0.00430.881 day ago
68Liszt4.42430.811 day ago
69Silly449.34429.751 day ago
70Bulehs80.98429.191 day ago
71Liptonx393.08428.941 day ago
72Suplazin0.00428.441 day ago
73Crzd100.57427.941 day ago
74Pxw99.54427.441 day ago
75Garathorne70.88427.131 day ago
76Leweewee449.34427.131 day ago
77Rampart449.23426.561 day ago
78Drakthul249.84426.441 day ago
79Suplayzin15627.74425.501 day ago
80Opim92.82425.061 day ago
81Avine249.84421.691 day ago
82Dryu0.00421.441 day ago
83Soakzy81545.50421.251 day ago
84Seilin0.00420.691 day ago
85Novaer5477.08420.631 day ago
86Dosntexsist354.25420.441 day ago
87Riceeater479.14418.691 day ago
88Chauwow6291.63418.631 day ago
89Amayzed6291.63418.381 day ago
90Erebõs423.06418.191 day ago
91Shufflin449.23417.751 day ago
92Sillytoo449.23417.691 day ago
93Miichi11950.03417.061 day ago
94Bobbydh27237.82416.881 day ago
95Milesxo412.71416.311 day ago
96Weelewee449.23416.251 day ago
97Flaskataur0.00416.061 day ago
98Notscary402.74415.941 day ago
99Lamplificate6291.63415.881 day ago
100Weathersmell354.25415.881 day ago
101Revañ50.41415.811 day ago
102Saintpriest354.25415.691 day ago
103Fossil449.34415.501 day ago
104Mctides437.76415.131 day ago
105Suplaazin415.95415.001 day ago
106Sillier6541.54414.561 day ago
107Omegachode0.00414.001 day ago
108Silliest6542.66413.941 day ago
109Suplazzin449.34413.811 day ago
110Speranza1086.03413.691 day ago
111Newlouise438.04413.631 day ago
112Aevithil449.34413.631 day ago
113Miivva354.25413.631 day ago
114Havik61300.13413.311 day ago
115Rængëdføtm4.28413.251 day ago
116Specters74.22412.751 day ago
117Potzey0.00412.751 day ago
118Smashbutton12300.79412.131 day ago
119Loosedotter0.15411.751 day ago
120Craezd0.00411.691 day ago
121Hoochikoochi387.67411.631 day ago
122Crazedr0.00410.811 day ago
123Milesr335.86410.691 day ago
124Mcbubblé0.42410.631 day ago
125Jerrbs449.34410.561 day ago
126Bobbyr0.00409.941 day ago
127Rotwell449.34409.501 day ago
128Vèndètta19291.54409.311 day ago
129Squirtparty415.95409.251 day ago
130Miraanaa0.00409.001 day ago
131Driea0.00408.881 day ago
132Papawasabi449.34408.811 day ago
133Darudbldstrm17713.21408.131 day ago
134Notamayzed449.23407.751 day ago
135Nastywasty6785.79407.441 day ago
136Pxs0.00407.191 day ago
137Supllaziin7187.31406.631 day ago
138Botchedgoods0.00406.131 day ago
139Dyonon0.00405.381 day ago
140Imdrunksorry0.00405.381 day ago
141Rhodux0.00405.001 day ago
142Clurr0.00404.561 day ago
143Grennana249.84404.501 day ago
144Caffemocha395.36404.441 day ago
145Driu59054.15403.941 day ago
146Tulkas0.00402.251 day ago
147Maevi0.00401.131 day ago
148Kymo0.00401.061 day ago
149Jeromebiggum0.00400.811 day ago
150Inkanti449.34400.691 day ago
151Porg58.80399.941 day ago
152Loyality0.00399.941 day ago
153Sienai0.00397.441 day ago
154Blooddxd1241.85397.381 day ago
155Caloi0.00396.941 day ago
156Blooddot22.60396.881 day ago
157Xantter29.34395.691 day ago
158Heucuva0.00394.631 day ago
159Skjeldgaf29.40394.381 day ago
160Dinglesberry0.00392.381 day ago
161Examo74.05390.251 day ago
162Psychoxo44.10390.191 day ago
163Nature13.61389.251 day ago
164Whethersmell0.00388.561 day ago
165Peanutter0.00387.631 day ago
166Matgonza55712.80387.381 day ago
167Impalpable0.45386.881 day ago
168Milesmonk43.29386.881 day ago
169Drio2296.13386.561 day ago
170Patata0.00385.811 day ago
171Scarybad65200.67384.381 day ago
172Drieu4.61383.811 day ago
173Jurrbzx438.31383.751 day ago
174Drogues0.56383.441 day ago
175Reputable14.40382.881 day ago
176Kickashtoo4.50382.691 day ago
177Winter0.00382.501 day ago
178Mythadirn3.25381.501 day ago
179Miiwa958.20381.191 day ago
180Pxf0.00381.191 day ago
181Ghôsty57658.20381.001 day ago
182Apriorï1119.47380.691 day ago
183Diggerywont0.00380.381 day ago
184Latondra2665.46380.251 day ago
185Krettson0.00380.061 day ago
186Hoochikewchi1102.98380.001 day ago
187Pxc0.00379.131 day ago
188Papafen0.00379.061 day ago
189Seksypantz391.30377.691 day ago
190Drini4494.93376.811 day ago
191Happydaýs0.00376.251 day ago
192Felrausch0.00375.941 day ago
193Miiwas0.00375.881 day ago
194Skjell1014.08375.251 day ago
195Sloopsx42.60375.131 day ago
196Opioidfiend2.94374.631 day ago
197Bloodshields1119.47373.501 day ago
198Jurrbz3662.39373.191 day ago
199Wrathofrecca95.91372.691 day ago
200Paleontology0.00371.881 day ago
201Brettjones0.56371.811 day ago
202Windstorm473.52371.061 day ago
203Shaerus0.00370.881 day ago
204Ramknight0.00369.191 day ago
205Kickashtwo1.03368.751 day ago
206Garathorn0.00367.631 day ago
207Thermo35.93364.061 day ago
208Ragù704.31363.441 day ago
209Llydia0.00361.441 day ago
210Jurbz704.31361.311 day ago
211Shuff391.30361.311 day ago
212Ensalada0.00361.061 day ago
213Fonzzie0.00360.631 day ago
214Darthrevanx0.00359.251 day ago
215Soadajerkin0.89354.001 day ago
216Sowet4.44352.191 day ago
217Korranth74.05351.881 day ago
218Speedhacks0.00351.881 day ago
219Barnabís0.00351.191 day ago
220Greeniez0.42350.311 day ago
221Duckbutta0.00349.311 day ago
222Drnoheal0.00348.441 day ago
223Tomate0.00347.811 day ago
224Ramadin0.00347.561 day ago
225Quivvi0.00347.001 day ago
226Titanofchoas0.00345.631 day ago
227Sundowner0.00342.631 day ago
228Valistryx0.28340.311 day ago
229Lerian0.00339.251 day ago
230Radalias0.00335.811 day ago
231Greannan0.00335.311 day ago
232Delax0.00335.001 day ago
233Priorï0.00334.381 day ago
234Valanaar0.00331.251 day ago
235Barquilla0.00310.691 day ago
236Darthvader0.00296.941 day ago
237Portulkombat0.00296.191 day ago
238Atlaspirate0.00280.061 day ago
239Micepenance0.00278.441 day ago
240Felshields0.00276.631 day ago
241Plzuncleno0.00274.501 day ago
242Bleaksky0.00270.251 day ago
243Beeyawsome0.00270.191 day ago
244Galleta0.00260.631 day ago
245Garethorne0.00242.691 day ago
246Gerathorn0.00234.191 day ago
247Ramathourne0.0052.001 day ago
248Camiden249.84--1 day ago
249Spacekîtten0.00--1 day ago
250Evangelilly0.00--1 day ago
251Unoriginial0.00--1 day ago
252Hammerlord0.00--1 day ago
253Phatcritz0.00--1 day ago
254Bairforceone0.00--1 day ago
255Psychayylmao0.00--1 day ago

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