Update Progress for Virtus


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Delaforde0.84439.5626 days ago
2Aximilli328.25438.6325 days ago
3Mioda2.58433.6326 days ago
4Demonpower0.00430.3826 days ago
5Ôutrage58.80426.561 day ago
6Lotsofshots262.99426.0026 days ago
7Iványa405.07425.1326 days ago
8Mayjestik73.71424.0626 days ago
9Ballisk0.70423.8126 days ago
10Masheudh246.47423.7512 days ago
11Nedron31.48422.6924 days ago
12Brodnu1.05420.6326 days ago
13Mayjestikk7321.37420.1924 days ago
14Jambeezi0.78418.3824 days ago
15Tickletaco0.00417.2526 days ago
16Unholyshadow0.00416.3826 days ago
17Zurius7321.37416.3126 days ago
18Llamâ0.00414.8126 days ago
19Nafariuus4.23413.8126 days ago
20Oldes0.84413.3126 days ago
21Earibow0.00413.0626 days ago
22Zøðiac1369.97412.7526 days ago
23Demitriev0.00410.8126 days ago
24Kuzuryu7324.85410.3126 days ago
25Zarahemnah6931.59408.6926 days ago
26Eloft0.00407.7526 days ago
27Arpium0.00406.6926 days ago
28Neveera0.00402.9426 days ago
29Feargros7321.37402.5626 days ago
30Èsh7321.37402.2526 days ago
31Shenar0.00402.1926 days ago
32Kanthus0.00401.5026 days ago
33Uthemgas0.56401.3826 days ago
34Kaïzen58.73399.1326 days ago
35Anarielysia0.00398.5026 days ago
36Lightforced2.29396.2526 days ago
37Garson4.34396.1326 days ago
38Kynagidas0.00395.1926 days ago
39Amhuinn0.00395.0026 days ago
40Buurcode3464.77395.0026 days ago
41Izdubar0.00394.8826 days ago
42Holyshetmate4.61394.5626 days ago
43Kantharr0.00394.5626 days ago
44Káýléé29.48390.1326 days ago
45Brokk0.00389.5626 days ago
46Juza0.49389.1326 days ago
47Kabell60.55389.0026 days ago
48Falarcyon4.61388.1926 days ago
49Rothrek3.62386.888 months ago
50Rainieer0.00386.7526 days ago
51Teosie0.00386.4426 days ago
52Finai67.93386.002 months ago
53Amenalya2379.87385.692 months ago
54Axlé0.70385.632 months ago
55Derfalke3501.13385.442 months ago
56Seolz0.00384.3126 days ago
57Xurius0.00384.062 months ago
58Nordek4.23383.942 months ago
59Liace4.23383.942 months ago
60Leáfá2005.28383.812 months ago
61Ardasan60.55383.502 months ago
62Selink0.14382.752 months ago
63Gokken0.00382.3820 days ago
64Simd35.38381.942 months ago
65Chugnorris56.84381.252 months ago
66Pôtter29.40380.312 months ago
67Kurei10.65379.692 months ago
68Gooteks0.00379.632 months ago
69Saezver0.00378.252 months ago
70Goodgame1910.80378.062 months ago
71Veshar67.93377.562 months ago
72Volmira0.70375.192 months ago
73Kyleera0.30375.132 months ago
74Kameliana0.00374.752 months ago
75Cattbree1988.49374.252 months ago
76Fuurius0.00374.002 months ago
77Entrëri0.00373.312 months ago
78Rysila47.13372.062 months ago
79Aceadnblitz348.29371.252 months ago
80Selindae1655.25369.502 months ago
81Cassandrap0.00369.442 months ago
82Fuuriusfists0.00369.382 months ago
83Blackróse405.07366.502 months ago
84Orìjìn51.01366.252 months ago
85Valairn0.00365.692 months ago
86Suanoo0.00365.062 months ago
87Nedowfel0.00364.882 months ago
88Eshral43.25364.382 months ago
89Flarpeddeer0.00363.312 months ago
90Brodnun0.00362.192 months ago
91Erinova27.67360.562 months ago
92Tyrrhanos29.96360.2510 months ago
93Wynterfel0.90356.062 months ago
94Lanthostus0.00354.312 months ago
95Mannurse0.78354.002 months ago
96Exorcìst0.00349.562 months ago
97Hearlough0.00348.132 months ago
98Brewcode0.00345.442 months ago
99Falconfist0.78345.312 months ago
100Eshár0.00344.562 months ago
101Blackrøse0.00343.002 months ago
102Jeepojones0.00342.812 months ago
103Gingerpaw0.00342.692 months ago
104Bepositive0.00340.752 months ago
105Cainbargo0.00339.632 months ago
107Dànimàl0.00--26 days ago
108Eshoc51.01--26 days ago
109Disiple0.00--26 days ago
110Dandorman46.63--2 months ago
111Fedelm0.00--26 days ago
112Shortthand0.00--26 days ago
113Herrion0.00--26 days ago
114Premum0.00--26 days ago
115Lillockie0.00--26 days ago
116Snesmario0.00--26 days ago
117Tnasty0.00--26 days ago
118Vurmin0.00--26 days ago
119Kéll0.65--26 days ago
120Mythicplus0.00--2 months ago
121Artoriann0.00--26 days ago
122Illithile0.00--26 days ago
123Gotja0.00--26 days ago
124Eshar0.00--26 days ago
125Messatsu0.00--2 years ago
126Talre0.00--26 days ago
127Fantomx0.00--2 years ago
128Acälan0.00--26 days ago
129Mythicraid0.00--26 days ago
130Bojendium0.00--26 days ago
131Reveñant0.00--26 days ago
132Galarann0.00--2 months ago
133Hirunaokurai0.00--26 days ago
134Amlici0.00--26 days ago
135Nixcode0.00--26 days ago
136Cavebeast0.00--1 year ago
137Legate0.00--26 days ago
138Teufelsjäger0.00--26 days ago
139Forana0.00--26 days ago
140Willisd0.00--26 days ago
141Eshraw0.65--2 months ago
142Drujangles0.00--26 days ago
143Alecktra0.00--26 days ago
144Kedina0.00--26 days ago
145Tallywoah336.62--26 days ago
146Shádóws0.00--26 days ago
147Mythicnerf0.00--26 days ago
148Eisqüeen0.00--26 days ago
149Drofynn0.00--26 days ago
150Moonray0.00--26 days ago
151Soullêss0.00--26 days ago
152Norree0.00--26 days ago
153Fraliam0.00--26 days ago
154Eitridis0.00--26 days ago

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