Guild has been added to queue, please check back the guild page later!

Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Tíde518600.82483.131 day ago
2Torash460552.53482.631 day ago
3Whyte518600.82482.061 day ago
4Aeglour518600.82481.881 day ago
5Novath518600.82481.691 day ago
6Keystoné518600.82481.441 day ago
7Shakkeshift518600.82481.381 day ago
8518600.82481.311 day ago
9Exd42586.15481.251 day ago
10Tamamo424238.65480.811 day ago
11Dartoes518600.82480.751 day ago
12Aerrus518600.82480.311 day ago
13Athier518600.82480.251 day ago
14Marcisnake518600.82480.251 day ago
15Vye518600.82480.061 day ago
16Castacombs518600.82480.001 day ago
17Wg365836.90479.941 day ago
18Thearcanine518600.82479.881 day ago
19Spiffybtw518600.82479.811 day ago
20Teslamage382712.93479.811 day ago
21Fewzz518600.82479.751 day ago
22Matchaos443501.64479.691 day ago
23Knoox518600.82479.691 day ago
24Lexiel268578.80479.691 day ago
25Schismx518600.82479.441 day ago
26Ezekill404705.05479.001 day ago
27Sylvuss424238.65478.751 day ago
28Boomerdin518600.82478.751 day ago
29Pinkybanger327142.49478.561 day ago
30Spottedot34261.63478.251 day ago
31Pabst38705.32478.191 day ago
32Limezdh365836.90477.631 day ago
33Dn13408.00476.941 day ago
34Cainwyn49387.24476.561 day ago
35Jésuschrist307523.79476.131 day ago
36Wolfxo24957.29475.751 day ago
37Teslacoil55870.94475.191 day ago
38Limezadin518600.82475.131 day ago
39Nombies370.19474.751 day ago
40Aerr25211.06474.131 day ago
41Spiffystrike13408.00474.131 day ago
42Igginz3992.43474.001 day ago
43Thwompy2825.74473.691 day ago
44Marcith34344.77473.501 day ago
45Sknoox343.41473.251 day ago
46Chaotixx7595.33473.061 day ago
47Blakh253.51472.561 day ago
48Tdrex381.77472.501 day ago
49Ivrian23114.43472.441 day ago
50Heâven238.84472.251 day ago
5113408.00471.561 day ago
52Terøh150.00471.191 day ago
53Vynin143.34470.561 day ago
54Vendixin40483.41470.501 day ago
55Ezekieldk323.51470.061 day ago
56Pentatonic13991.65469.691 day ago
57Spiffysauce323.51468.941 day ago
58Wolfxox14748.47468.941 day ago
59Matdruid196.79468.751 day ago
60Illivan0.00468.751 day ago
61Matchop156.85468.631 day ago
62Tideradra268.27468.191 day ago
63Discobryce150.00466.501 day ago
64Rxqt69.90464.941 day ago
65Vanzek156.86464.881 day ago
66Partyrager288.53464.251 day ago
67Fokker69.28463.691 day ago
68Mindctrl346.81463.061 day ago
69Chaosemporer46.15462.561 day ago
70Pyrotëch37.18462.441 day ago
71Marcytank0.00462.441 day ago
72Wolfxoxo315.25461.751 day ago
73Elektron0.00460.501 day ago
74Chr311.82460.001 day ago
75Zaebis73331.29459.381 day ago
76Kance26.10458.001 day ago
77Shakkenbake114.31457.191 day ago
78Krippie57.61457.061 day ago
79Liaeliena0.22456.941 day ago
80Sylvdemon11.15455.811 day ago
81Partymonster0.00455.561 day ago
82Drakin0.00455.061 day ago
83Goodcherry370.19453.881 day ago
84Mada265.19453.811 day ago
85Spiffysan33.93452.941 day ago
86Moonstriker276.80452.311 day ago
87Nya5.00452.001 day ago
88Owlcapwn0.30450.691 day ago
89Melora0.00450.501 day ago
90Felbladez0.00450.381 day ago
91Wellsdaddy50675.97450.061 day ago
92Pewpew0.14449.441 day ago
93Igginzsham50675.97448.311 day ago
94Invinceibull0.00448.311 day ago
95Suzukâ276.80448.311 day ago
96Limezpera3.55446.941 day ago
97Rxcx48766.21446.691 day ago
98Pavski70.61446.501 day ago
99Myså0.70445.191 day ago
100Kungfuslapz0.24445.131 day ago
101Limezada26781.58444.751 day ago
102Meatloaff0.00444.691 day ago
103Blastacombs0.00444.311 day ago
104Cätastrophic0.00442.561 day ago
105Yibi29287.57441.311 day ago
106Megamatch0.36440.881 day ago
107Partyzone50.45440.311 day ago
108Shakkeslice0.00439.501 day ago
109Kidwithstix23.31439.311 day ago
110Mavorsh36387.54438.001 day ago
111Chieta0.00436.381 day ago
112Dartre87.01435.561 day ago
113Valynx371.50434.811 day ago
114Doxy0.00434.631 day ago
115Knooxy27.06434.561 day ago
116Razzler83801.66433.501 day ago
117Phrygiani42.77432.941 day ago
118Irugaard0.00432.561 day ago
119Kynlee320.80432.061 day ago
120Ytho359.88431.311 day ago
121Tideqt0.00431.191 day ago
122Kidwithchi48.90430.311 day ago
123Partytime4758.03430.001 day ago
124Mindgamez4.24428.811 day ago
125Locriani0.00425.251 day ago
126Fathòm0.00422.941 day ago
127Kazzy0.00422.941 day ago
128Magelor0.00422.381 day ago
129Phobus0.00421.941 day ago
130Vittoriosa14.41421.881 day ago
131Thorasaurus0.00421.191 day ago
132Rxrx0.00420.631 day ago
133Twerkisha439.29419.751 day ago
134Aeoliani404.36419.061 day ago
135Mysà0.57418.501 day ago
136Marciburst0.00418.251 day ago
137Lexebell0.00418.131 day ago
138Demonkizer389.22418.061 day ago
139Klunx0.56417.131 day ago
140Fewwz435.93415.881 day ago
141Limezlock439.29413.751 day ago
142Mav439.29412.941 day ago
143Kylx0.00412.941 day ago
144Shamzekiel342.58412.751 day ago
145Brahama0.00412.501 day ago
146Teslabrew0.00411.751 day ago
147Soufuffle0.00411.381 day ago
148Gorgurzal0.15411.311 day ago
149Fathôm0.00411.131 day ago
150Frøze5.04407.691 day ago
151Pantone0.00407.691 day ago
152Pixlol65190.12407.501 day ago
153Mattyp224.97406.751 day ago
154Pogcane359.61406.441 day ago
155Lawlbringer0.00406.191 day ago
156Volski0.00405.751 day ago
157Mylph0.00404.191 day ago
158Klol0.00404.061 day ago
159Deanar13.99401.811 day ago
160Chewey0.00401.751 day ago
161Teslatamer0.00399.561 day ago
162Loster394.80398.561 day ago
163Bootydoó0.00397.631 day ago
164Gangweed0.00397.561 day ago
165Gumbi0.00397.561 day ago
166Matcho0.00397.191 day ago
167Cooli371.50396.001 day ago
168Shakkestout0.00395.501 day ago
169Dean0.00392.251 day ago
170Bdrex0.00392.251 day ago
171Darte73.47390.561 day ago
172Noom0.00389.441 day ago
173Madahunt0.00388.311 day ago
174Utilityclass0.00388.311 day ago
175Sweetleaff55691.41386.381 day ago
176Xwhyi26.62382.191 day ago
177Elmosive2149.29382.001 day ago
178Halivanicus0.00379.811 day ago
179Mysä0.45379.811 day ago
180Elmojo0.00379.001 day ago
181Stroh0.00376.941 day ago
182Durbnpoison0.00376.751 day ago
183Truethat670.85376.501 day ago
184Dawkinz0.06375.561 day ago
185Bigpoppapump0.00374.691 day ago
186Chaoxx0.00374.251 day ago
187Larryxd0.00374.061 day ago
188Lmo2295.49373.131 day ago
189Dkkhaled0.00371.061 day ago
190Anothaonee0.00370.691 day ago
191Meiqi0.00368.561 day ago
192Tdmist0.00367.631 day ago
193Myspace0.00367.251 day ago
194Brickdanger0.00365.631 day ago
195Madaboom0.00365.001 day ago
196Georgewkush0.00363.131 day ago
197Valyxandria27.06358.751 day ago
198Partyshots0.00356.381 day ago
199Madaboix0.00352.751 day ago
200Coolio0.00352.061 day ago
201Toxicidiot0.00349.191 day ago
202Mograinedk0.00348.941 day ago
203Dartos0.00348.631 day ago
204Melysong0.00348.061 day ago
205Same0.00342.131 day ago
206Coolmojo0.00341.751 day ago
207Sneakycool0.00339.751 day ago
208Magrip0.00314.251 day ago
209Morbash0.00286.191 day ago
210Falanoru0.00275.381 day ago
211Raescue0.00267.811 day ago
212Twerkbreak0.00264.441 day ago
213Dellini0.00248.441 day ago
214Moonstrika0.00246.061 day ago
215Madashaman0.00240.561 day ago
216Phicsy0.00234.941 day ago
217Moonstrikar0.00218.001 day ago
218Gealachtosai0.00195.811 day ago
219Madarogue0.00193.131 day ago

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