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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Varcos104.09455.1915 hours ago
2Unanswerable104.09453.1315 hours ago
3Daadytrump14.99452.1915 hours ago
4Rosacrutian44.61451.1915 hours ago
5Rofltusks1.65450.8815 hours ago
6Hastechicken104.09450.6915 hours ago
7Riiren1.65450.3115 hours ago
8Papileche1.65450.3115 hours ago
9Sevick1.65450.0015 hours ago
10Toranha1.65449.6315 hours ago
11Boltd1.50449.501 day ago
12Pwndaexprêss1.50449.441 day ago
13Wickedstorm1.50449.381 day ago
14Golganarr1.50449.251 day ago
15Fenatics1.50449.061 day ago
16Noved1.50448.561 day ago
17Drycleanonly1.50448.441 day ago
18Highpurr1.35448.441 day ago
19Maddrussian1.50448.381 day ago
20Kylista1.50448.311 day ago
21Smorccrates1.50448.311 day ago
22Kylistà5747.83447.691 day ago
23Pitbullpete17122.61447.631 day ago
24Hÿ20.00447.4415 hours ago
25Invictusdh29.95447.381 day ago
26Céllash244.77447.061 day ago
27Nastybro0.60447.061 day ago
28Openarms0.60446.561 day ago
29Lmerfudd1.20446.381 day ago
30Sarä279.85446.311 day ago
31Corrodk1.50446.311 day ago
32Izyquizy21425.80446.131 day ago
33Kcks0.75446.061 day ago
34Hpnotiqlock25062.09446.001 day ago
35Saraspank0.90445.691 day ago
36Kansir398.38445.631 day ago
37Drakeblade0.75445.561 day ago
38Ereal1.50445.501 day ago
39Corromonk1.35445.501 day ago
40Fruitmann1.50445.501 day ago
41Varov9305.87445.311 day ago
42Baisers0.00445.311 day ago
43Elephont0.75445.251 day ago
44Ikarizz0.00445.131 day ago
45Xesus17329.73445.061 day ago
46Iciey24274.63445.061 day ago
47Ezblink0.75444.811 day ago
48Legendàîry91.24444.631 day ago
49Wowiown1.50444.441 day ago
50Partybanger20277.00444.311 day ago
51Wickedwayz0.75444.061 day ago
52Frostycrab30392.81444.061 day ago
53Shakrakhan1.05443.941 day ago
54Katera1.35443.941 day ago
55Trigøn0.60443.811 day ago
56Dölö1.50443.811 day ago
57Dannill1.35443.311 day ago
58Getondatazz4.08443.311 day ago
59Stabbincrab83.82443.001 day ago
60Lanfear1.50442.941 day ago
61Jakobae15461.49442.941 day ago
62Jenkems150.00442.941 day ago
63Avn19541.03442.881 day ago
64Moriahmills0.60442.881 day ago
65Belayna203.11442.811 day ago
66Chårgingbull62.22442.751 day ago
67Budderjones16624.23442.561 day ago
68Maedzais165.50442.441 day ago
69Kementira331.48442.441 day ago
70Vett1.50442.251 day ago
71Druxs159.81442.251 day ago
72Büddyy1.35442.191 day ago
73Mosquit0.00442.131 day ago
74Øzzy31715.66442.061 day ago
75Ezbeams0.00442.001 day ago
76Wholesomemw72.94441.881 day ago
77Relampágo20773.77441.811 day ago
78Bùddyy10000.00441.691 day ago
79Qinggruidae0.45441.631 day ago
80Zoroz0.00441.311 day ago
81Sparkles203.11441.251 day ago
82Hankhillidân268.28441.251 day ago
83Katbear26160.11441.191 day ago
84Ramjin25281.98441.191 day ago
85Painfulowie7262.90441.131 day ago
86Nrarogue0.00441.131 day ago
87Tankd0.75440.881 day ago
88Vixorian2992.13440.631 day ago
89Benzò21425.80440.441 day ago
90Títtyforge21258.29440.311 day ago
91Nramage0.00440.311 day ago
92Sevilyn206.86440.311 day ago
93Beamsalot25222.95440.251 day ago
94Trigana0.60439.811 day ago
95Tacomuncher0.00439.631 day ago
96Êva308.19439.311 day ago
97Semirhajj0.00438.941 day ago
98Wizkcks10000.00438.881 day ago
99Falcóñ20432.08438.691 day ago
100Hepatitsc361.52438.631 day ago
101Trumpsothicc65.52438.631 day ago
102Jènova26080.68438.501 day ago
103Zorodeath0.00438.441 day ago
104Pohhpohh1341.54438.311 day ago
105Orcsdontpwn361.52438.251 day ago
106Rejuvináted1.65438.251 day ago
107Cavewizard279.85438.251 day ago
108Stuffs12131.83438.191 day ago
109Shanelizard216.41438.001 day ago
110Hïddentroll191.41437.941 day ago
111Liquidate11525.11437.941 day ago
112Tokyosilence269.72437.311 day ago
113Guucci33.95437.311 day ago
114Shinork21258.29437.191 day ago
115Lamer0.15437.131 day ago
116Thatlejund27385.38436.631 day ago
117Fallenmisery203.11436.501 day ago
118Sileighty197.93436.501 day ago
119Chísús44.91436.311 day ago
120Healiry29.90436.311 day ago
121Youmessedup0.00436.311 day ago
122Mcdicky20123.72436.251 day ago
123Tíckler22.81436.251 day ago
124Maahk0.75436.191 day ago
125Levitine226.34436.061 day ago
126Biimbaa0.45436.061 day ago
127Jakobaeh298.63435.631 day ago
128Bhrag21425.80435.561 day ago
129Bûddyy17511.66435.561 day ago
130Hiddentröll150.00435.561 day ago
131Domôn25.00435.561 day ago
132Míshä11831.98435.501 day ago
133Chieta225.87435.441 day ago
134Avrb279.85435.381 day ago
135Conchsalad13416.05435.311 day ago
136Nättyjo0.00434.811 day ago
137Immayell238.07434.751 day ago
138Seiros3.53434.501 day ago
139Cocoslam229.73434.311 day ago
140Hamfriedrice40.98434.131 day ago
141Nradruid0.00434.001 day ago
142Goháhn103.23433.941 day ago
143Kylistå211.27433.441 day ago
144Rawrglaive424.80433.311 day ago
145Requeenum203.11433.131 day ago
146Eejày0.65432.691 day ago
147Takesen203.11432.311 day ago
148Ganzz77.17432.311 day ago
149Invíctús150.00432.191 day ago
150Lawbreaker331.48431.311 day ago
151Ramzon0.00431.311 day ago
152Thrashercrab74.17431.251 day ago
153Tempr424.80431.131 day ago
154Magictusks15.00431.131 day ago
155Hatepath296.48430.811 day ago
156Invictûs22.55430.811 day ago
157Russìandoll5.00430.311 day ago
158Fatcawkjoe0.60429.811 day ago
159Delirià0.00429.251 day ago
160Axriel0.00428.751 day ago
161Sevilynn168.05428.631 day ago
162Fatblastard209.86428.441 day ago
163Crimelife0.00428.381 day ago
164Kyotoskyline32.99427.811 day ago
165Özwin68.56426.501 day ago
166Hiddentroll0.00426.001 day ago
167Siircm14.36425.631 day ago
168Timtimturner7262.90425.311 day ago
169Stabbykins0.00424.941 day ago
170Domewizard8.20424.191 day ago
171Pandages416.66423.751 day ago
172Romans338.19423.631 day ago
173Shinzy64.05422.381 day ago
174Shinpye0.00421.941 day ago
175Inariya0.60421.881 day ago
176Côntrakt13.88421.501 day ago
177Battlepappy194.74421.061 day ago
178Corropaladin191.41421.001 day ago
179Ereji191.41421.001 day ago
180Buben0.00420.881 day ago
181Ginee0.00417.631 day ago
182Prímalfury0.42417.441 day ago
183Fôte150.00417.441 day ago
184Prauc64.05416.941 day ago
185Shinseer0.00416.441 day ago
186Paladanqueed1.05416.311 day ago
187Shinzai0.00416.191 day ago
188ßeaujangles0.00416.001 day ago
189Hotspwn380.82415.751 day ago
190Cynestana244.77415.191 day ago
191Franzliszt15.00414.941 day ago
192Hunterrcrab4.25414.061 day ago
193Fujiwar222.92414.061 day ago
194Tempire0.30414.001 day ago
195Ðeathstalker4.31413.881 day ago
196Tykiruu1604.06413.691 day ago
197Yadeezy0.75413.501 day ago
198Justbusiness0.32413.501 day ago
199Vollblitz4.49413.441 day ago
200Ivhms449.07413.381 day ago
201Mirez18.93413.311 day ago
202Corropriest7.14413.191 day ago
203Corrodh20.10413.001 day ago
204Deeslice0.00413.001 day ago
205Babynani238.07412.441 day ago
206Thairia73.19412.381 day ago
207Astoria12.53412.251 day ago
208Iliekmilk1.35410.941 day ago
209Quizy35.52410.941 day ago
210Conch64.05410.501 day ago
211Kootis1.68410.441 day ago
212Eejay0.00410.311 day ago
213Quantril314.83410.061 day ago
214Gromozeka0.00409.631 day ago
215Corrowar449.07408.881 day ago
216Zakul0.00408.751 day ago
217Solomans0.00407.751 day ago
218Corrothas0.00407.691 day ago
219Wìtchblades0.00407.631 day ago
220Braksus7426.66407.381 day ago
221Slimjohnny23861.96406.881 day ago
222Dølø0.00406.631 day ago
223Xyuzâ0.56406.441 day ago
224Livtaboo0.14406.381 day ago
225Mistìcal0.00406.061 day ago
226Hekkyl0.52405.631 day ago
227Castingfrej0.00405.631 day ago
228Roxmonk0.14405.381 day ago
229Wolfblade203.11405.131 day ago
230Stabydabydoo244.77402.561 day ago
231Sunbreak0.00401.941 day ago
232Roxdk0.00401.191 day ago
233Corrival0.00400.751 day ago
234Eef2502.48396.811 day ago
235Flexadon0.00396.501 day ago
236Yvayne0.00396.131 day ago
237Èmbèr0.00395.811 day ago
238Zetqtx296.29393.061 day ago
239Cptsanctuary441.82391.441 day ago
240Petmyego0.00391.251 day ago
241Aerdax70.21390.501 day ago
242Mythale0.00390.131 day ago
243Onedtwenty0.00390.131 day ago
244Retfear0.00389.251 day ago
245Herbish2502.48387.881 day ago
246Wypera0.00386.251 day ago
247Yaboiseth1914.83385.631 day ago
248Caressmyego0.00384.691 day ago
249Friskyblyat1341.54383.561 day ago
250Corrodru0.00382.811 day ago
251Cptgalaxy0.60382.131 day ago
252Ðemo1341.54379.691 day ago
253Cklust226.38378.311 day ago
254Victhewiz1932.02378.061 day ago
255Neverstill0.00375.501 day ago
256Àlèx1108.11375.381 day ago
257Wöyer1363.53374.441 day ago
258Moolla0.00373.311 day ago
259Doncorleones0.12371.691 day ago
260Oldwizzard0.60370.191 day ago
261Cptuniverse388.01370.001 day ago
262Fuggathrax0.84366.631 day ago
263Anje0.00364.811 day ago
264Buckewylde0.00364.751 day ago
265Ðesist77.38361.061 day ago
266Friskybeef90.96360.941 day ago
267Kowkin0.00357.251 day ago
268Werld0.00356.561 day ago
269Kosra0.65353.001 day ago
270Løckêd0.00346.311 day ago
271Detol0.00333.751 day ago
272Fawx0.00318.191 day ago
273Immapew168.05316.441 day ago
274Kroodoo0.00288.251 day ago
275Smyd0.00272.441 day ago
302Zahr191.41--1 day ago

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