Update Progress for The Ascended


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Steakinaboot801.69896.001 day ago
2Doovde350.01893.501 day ago
3Jinichi349.73893.131 day ago
4Dèlicious400.22892.751 day ago
5Lilura374.11891.561 day ago
6Nefarioüs374.11889.881 day ago
7Eltharian365.04889.691 day ago
8Inxanity452.63888.631 day ago
9Aluca375.08888.561 day ago
10Reapër338.05888.561 day ago
11Páj273.59888.191 day ago
12Etsuno92.15886.061 day ago
13Ravinluny11.44884.811 day ago
14Torbonattack251.98884.501 day ago
15Thrallor65.78884.061 day ago
16Témplar339.24883.815 hours ago
17Sultana314.65882.441 day ago
18Marello253.09882.381 day ago
19Timmeh22.05882.311 day ago
20Bobbybouche0.83880.691 day ago
21Fleshtone333.78880.561 day ago
22Skkarr247.93878.441 day ago
23Decisiveact62.96878.131 day ago
24Outtogetya309.81877.441 day ago
25Sulty349.87876.501 day ago
26Mosyzlak212.17876.131 day ago
27Vashni309.81874.751 day ago
28Jastania249.11874.191 day ago
29Veloth410.58874.061 day ago
30Júxt8.38873.751 day ago
31Caari366.65873.561 day ago
32Slayeri23.09872.751 day ago
33Crimsonwave309.79872.631 day ago
34Jubeast75.89872.251 day ago
35Encrypted309.82871.381 day ago
36Vasile51.90869.691 day ago
37Unbroken359.09869.311 day ago
38Dedalitha31.51868.441 day ago
39Aleishan53.58868.381 day ago
40Meeatbone3.90868.311 day ago
41Dtuned2.35867.881 day ago
42Eshoudo13.90867.631 day ago
43Extorris204.44866.381 day ago
44Sarandoth2.20864.881 day ago
45Blooded57.36864.811 day ago
46Lumiêre50.55864.751 day ago
47Outtonockya1.04864.001 day ago
48Popsticks13.35863.691 day ago
49Vyraxus0.00863.631 day ago
50Sharvana50.55863.381 day ago
51Borís51.15861.941 day ago
52Vasille57.09861.501 day ago
53Titân23.11858.191 day ago
54Fatkat0.00857.501 day ago
55Spacepig0.00857.131 day ago
56Atistu0.00855.441 day ago
57Healthy63.14854.501 day ago
58Xunafae0.00854.001 day ago
59Tombstone286.13853.131 day ago
60Wastingaway53.45852.501 day ago
61Blaw0.00852.131 day ago
62Tìtañ0.71851.311 day ago
63Eltharien0.00851.311 day ago
64Velaesh0.00850.881 day ago
65Nikolah0.00849.811 day ago
66Madcowjr0.60849.251 day ago
67Isorroa0.00849.001 day ago
68Acetaylor0.42848.881 day ago
69Attåck0.00848.311 day ago
70Olíthe7.95847.061 day ago
71Kina0.00844.381 day ago
72Hoofitmate0.74843.381 day ago
73Felascheo0.00842.251 day ago
74Aaranthir0.00842.061 day ago
75Paradiso0.00841.251 day ago
76Aurorae0.00841.191 day ago
77Mozkeetoh4.12840.941 day ago
78Beachball0.70840.191 day ago
79Pool0.26838.881 day ago
80Shibsey0.00838.001 day ago
81Notjustasham523.07837.751 day ago
82Kele0.00837.191 day ago
83Milfyy0.07837.131 day ago
84Anarkhy0.00836.941 day ago
85Sicrio0.00836.001 day ago
86Bersèrk0.00832.131 day ago
87Xeemon0.00831.941 day ago
88Lostfaith0.00830.691 day ago
89Login0.00825.001 day ago
90Obelisc0.00821.811 day ago
91Gannus2.74812.691 day ago
92Kreion0.00812.251 day ago
93Blíndness0.00799.131 day ago

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