Update Progress for Undying Resolution


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Tamu1268.81898.1322 hours ago
2Bermý2040.36896.8822 hours ago
3Mindylynne2040.36896.8122 hours ago
4Eriol2040.36896.3822 hours ago
5Lissanna2040.36894.3822 hours ago
6Merisiel2040.36894.1322 hours ago
7Hpeter2040.36893.6322 hours ago
8Diakonos2040.36893.6322 hours ago
9Llynx1901.78893.2522 hours ago
10Impishvenat2040.36891.8122 hours ago
11Purleey1943.24891.7522 hours ago
12Simari1547.14891.7522 hours ago
13Alisu2040.02891.5622 hours ago
14Ariwyn1942.46891.3822 hours ago
15Almuqit1998.90891.3122 hours ago
16Rekviem1700.86889.8822 hours ago
17Kaygome1998.90889.3122 hours ago
18Ruperd2040.36889.2522 hours ago
19Squishye1202.19886.9422 hours ago
20Okimoto0.00886.4422 hours ago
21Amowrath2040.36884.8822 hours ago
22Oppie86.12884.8822 hours ago
23Ogspokes2040.36883.4422 hours ago
24Khronuss4.06883.3822 hours ago
25Zweibelle259.84882.8122 hours ago
26Sixerscdn292.70880.315 days ago
27Garic0.00876.8113 days ago
28Blooddrunc610.04872.8813 days ago
29Marlidian258.56871.1313 days ago
30Ponerya0.00870.4413 days ago
31Gorehunter0.24869.1913 days ago
32Kyonkichi3.94869.0613 days ago
33Jellei388.58866.5013 days ago
34Kronea0.00865.5622 hours ago
35Leinikki54.67863.8813 days ago
36Muhayminah258.56863.6913 days ago
37Mindylinn5.00861.6313 days ago
38Reuma0.00861.5613 days ago
39Eluxia3.94861.5613 days ago
40Bubblês0.00860.6913 days ago
41Zweibella3.59860.2513 days ago
42Ankzu42.70860.0613 days ago
43Sofeor0.00859.8113 days ago
44Corentine0.00859.6313 days ago
45Inabikari70.13859.3113 days ago
46Malchome3.94858.9413 days ago
47Shaldole0.43857.7513 days ago
48Morodock1.14857.5013 days ago
49Finsha3.48856.9413 days ago
50Md3.71855.9413 days ago
51Feetouse1771.03855.5613 days ago
52Jw0.00854.9413 days ago
53Alqahhar250.00854.8813 days ago
54Amadruada0.00854.6313 days ago
55Mattias0.00849.9413 days ago
56Steveott0.00849.1913 days ago
57Sidiôus0.00847.0013 days ago
58Perfector0.00846.7513 days ago
59Narzbekk136.05846.6913 days ago
60Jalaven0.00846.5013 days ago
61Narshot25.00846.4413 days ago
62Juvenate150.00843.0013 days ago
63Kaeley0.00841.8813 days ago
64Khorshid0.00841.5013 days ago
65Brane0.00838.2513 days ago
66Dunlôp0.00833.5613 days ago
67Darnethy0.00833.5013 days ago
68Blyht0.00833.3113 days ago
69Mondochiwa0.00828.5613 days ago
70Valkrem0.00823.1313 days ago
71Nequient0.00814.0613 days ago
72Shamaniganss0.00809.7513 days ago
73Jaynn0.00809.5013 days ago
74Gimligolas0.00807.0013 days ago
75Lissanda2568.54802.6913 days ago
76Morrighann0.00802.5013 days ago
77Apocalytica0.00801.3113 days ago
78Dunrik0.00800.5013 days ago
79Kayzy0.00800.1322 hours ago
80Narman0.00799.8113 days ago
81Millianna0.51799.5621 day ago
82Zolaeus0.00796.6910 days ago
83Finalflame150.00793.4413 days ago
84Shalfel0.00792.6313 days ago
85Ou0.00791.8122 hours ago
86Rossweisse0.00788.7513 days ago

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