Update Progress for Kia Ora


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Aloine1099.34903.441 day ago
2Vulzy1007.63903.191 day ago
3Veia1203.48902.691 day ago
4Erinniâ249.28902.061 day ago
5Shadychick1285.43901.131 day ago
6Bundyy1048.03900.751 day ago
7Aceöwnage1107.56900.631 day ago
8Jèxt738.73900.061 day ago
9Skyshatter1117.64898.691 day ago
10Seiferoth878.16897.881 day ago
11Odinwolf753.81897.131 day ago
12Benji530.72896.191 day ago
13Ðeaz1051.02896.061 day ago
14Phatpandah542.88895.381 day ago
15Nibb648.40894.191 day ago
16Animål1065.96893.811 day ago
17Mistz33493.99893.311 day ago
18Tanrenthh859.60892.811 day ago
19Acê328.52891.311 day ago
20Vulzs743.22889.561 day ago
21Ashlant452.89888.811 day ago
22Firefistâce747.26887.751 day ago
23Galcrenor290.54887.441 day ago
24Deadlydemon202.80886.691 day ago
25Ðeazel641.18886.441 day ago
26Lucandra819.05886.251 day ago
27Twocones219.05885.881 day ago
28Amaradra5.18885.691 day ago
29Deathisezy337.65885.441 day ago
30Garris387.95885.131 day ago
31Thêfunk692.36883.441 day ago
32Ahorneydevil3.41883.311 day ago
33Zellarant4.34883.131 day ago
34Pedros0.15882.811 day ago
35Alax19.97882.501 day ago
36Savel237.62881.811 day ago
37Laffeh29.75881.251 day ago
38Döwner249.03880.751 day ago
39Euniceyyk181.10879.751 day ago
40Melcolm671.51879.381 day ago
41Valors18.98879.251 day ago
42Barrzell263.10879.191 day ago
43Welyin240.53878.691 day ago
44Tenades154.36877.311 day ago
45Cogtog6.21877.061 day ago
46Creeperdave389.23876.941 day ago
47Ineedyotv7.31876.811 day ago
48Monster376.41876.561 day ago
49Niahal3.12876.441 day ago
50Ðeazul4.50875.631 day ago
51Wildtiger263.55875.501 day ago
52Mizukage278.05875.131 day ago
53Shadydude248.51875.001 day ago
54Sniperce5.14874.251 day ago
55Yayen12.83873.561 day ago
56Flouncy380.01873.191 day ago
57Gaidaigoji4.52872.501 day ago
58Woobeh394.16872.131 day ago
59Majinfiend17.28871.811 day ago
60Shrubbery0.21871.251 day ago
61Thomasjames0.00871.061 day ago
62Notso1.08870.941 day ago
63Cynick0.00870.751 day ago
64Teufel0.00870.561 day ago
65Eastlef0.00870.561 day ago
66Fuzzyducky384.12870.311 day ago
67Lustania236.42870.251 day ago
68Gerae4.71869.941 day ago
69Stealzz10.18869.631 day ago
70Prïme0.30869.251 day ago
71Fúnk417.24869.061 day ago
72Áce0.00868.751 day ago
73Rengari2.59868.751 day ago
74Elodina1.50868.751 day ago
75Wîllow0.90868.311 day ago
76Jexxt413.41868.061 day ago
77Draydz379.24867.941 day ago
78Vulzshara3.87867.941 day ago
79Welyin0.65867.631 day ago
80Killars345.83867.441 day ago
81Ðrúss372.51867.131 day ago
82Zepherell308.08866.191 day ago
83Necrotisicm0.00866.061 day ago
84Ìllìdan52.68865.811 day ago
85Mondlicht0.00865.691 day ago
86Imapaladìn3.29865.631 day ago
87Raho0.00865.441 day ago
88Ineedamedic333.31865.441 day ago
89Rûamoko68.54865.311 day ago
90Hunterace3.52865.191 day ago
91Dorgrath4.14864.501 day ago
92Superpotato0.00864.311 day ago
93Acè199.82864.061 day ago
94Awa3.87862.941 day ago
95Mungygoat0.00862.881 day ago
96Tanrennth359.80862.811 day ago
97Lazykeint4.14862.691 day ago
98Taikaha53.84862.441 day ago
99Reivac41.25862.441 day ago
100Korgan3.60861.561 day ago
101Resuscitate0.00861.001 day ago
102Gekigangar236.42859.501 day ago
103Caiy0.00858.941 day ago
104Snowest52.94858.691 day ago
105Feldozer0.36858.691 day ago
106Tannrenth0.00858.631 day ago
107Blïtzkrîeg0.00858.191 day ago
108Pentåkillz354.74857.881 day ago
109Andur0.00856.561 day ago
110Charmming0.00856.191 day ago
111Raizuraks0.00855.441 day ago
112Aidael0.00854.251 day ago
113Sordid0.00853.061 day ago
114Aceownagê0.00852.881 day ago
115Mikejr4.34852.691 day ago
116Flower150.00852.251 day ago
117Tîm3.52852.191 day ago
118Gaatos0.00852.191 day ago
119Kylust0.00852.001 day ago
120Chilladin0.00849.561 day ago
121Memoram0.00849.561 day ago
122Mmdoom0.00848.941 day ago
123Yarpi0.00848.811 day ago
124Flexy0.00848.691 day ago
125Oblique0.00848.501 day ago
126Atomant0.00848.311 day ago
127Vympel0.00847.311 day ago
128Beamerbandit0.00845.501 day ago
129Brewingmists0.00845.441 day ago
130Maidenkain0.00844.631 day ago
131Gidzzie0.00844.191 day ago
132Dhampir0.00843.691 day ago
133Aceownage0.00843.251 day ago
134Køma0.00840.751 day ago
135Shelemental0.00839.561 day ago
136Blysterfist0.00839.191 day ago
137Tolva7.86837.881 day ago
138Boffing4.24837.131 day ago
139Nukurangi2.72836.881 day ago
140Bierfiendx0.00836.441 day ago
141Lightbourne0.00836.311 day ago
142Valran0.00834.501 day ago
143Calena0.00832.631 day ago
144Daneyy0.00832.561 day ago
145Atmozfears0.13829.061 day ago
146Rukai0.00828.441 day ago
147Phayzedout0.00827.811 day ago
148Leynia0.00827.441 day ago
149Biglocks0.00822.631 day ago
150Sylvaelar2.72822.441 day ago
151Hyùga0.00817.811 day ago
152Kiennt0.00817.061 day ago
153Esme0.00816.881 day ago
154Ayliah0.00814.131 day ago
155Niick0.00813.191 day ago
156Charizma0.00812.631 day ago
157Amazìng0.00809.691 day ago
158Lightstriker0.00806.751 day ago
159Gahndef0.00804.191 day ago
160Battleraka0.00799.631 day ago
161Zorzy0.00799.001 day ago
162Dunny0.00798.811 day ago
163Hpayne0.00798.751 day ago
164Bustertnt0.00797.881 day ago
165Kararehe1.17795.941 day ago
166Fireheartt0.00795.691 day ago
167Selasieye0.00789.311 day ago
168Valrak0.00789.001 day ago
169Corrandarn1079.26--1 day ago

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