Update Progress for Dread


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Haxpax71128.96907.7521 hour ago
2Pumbah57918.71905.0621 hour ago
3Bunnywidagun69120.73904.9421 hour ago
4Cazzii69858.50904.2521 hour ago
5Hyrax67057.70903.9421 hour ago
6Capitol69858.50903.9421 hour ago
7Bertgodx72097.88903.9421 hour ago
8Memedel60656.56903.8121 hour ago
9Berry5246.87903.4421 hour ago
10Korruh50350.31903.4421 hour ago
11Vendela69863.90902.5621 hour ago
12Serenoah63153.86902.4421 hour ago
13Drooul58009.89901.8821 hour ago
14Redangry68456.96901.6921 hour ago
15Kookie69722.56901.0621 hour ago
16Deadrat3173.57900.7521 hour ago
17Shockzz52141.73900.3821 hour ago
18Robg57941.24900.2521 hour ago
19Ichinowanan2940.05899.8121 hour ago
20Chipwow50341.99899.8121 hour ago
21Palanar125895.01899.7521 hour ago
22Wildfashion69863.90899.6921 hour ago
23Drooulstab66358.44899.1921 hour ago
24Sneakar57336.20899.1321 hour ago
25Sneakyr2264.35899.0021 hour ago
26Sillybear61979.71898.815 days ago
27Flamepiece649.65898.755 days ago
28Deadlycloak2349.89898.6914 hours ago
29Eckzdee2481.01898.441 day ago
30Evangelos52774.81898.315 days ago
31Voidcher3324.25898.195 days ago
32Marä3738.90898.195 days ago
33Victousdh819.65897.315 days ago
34Wryback60608.78897.195 days ago
35Stackbundles752.86897.005 days ago
36Breakfast69833.59896.565 days ago
37Jetsheep762.51895.565 days ago
38Donaskme59804.96895.385 days ago
39Bigpup383.69895.255 days ago
40Bloodvirus47131.16895.1318 days ago
41Hausen38366.69894.945 days ago
42Sladeez2966.09894.755 days ago
43Kagemarou54922.90894.315 days ago
44Shazzone63262.97894.065 days ago
45Chobits845.50894.005 days ago
46Deigen383.14893.755 days ago
47Gnorf461.60892.565 days ago
48Clerkszilla784.09892.5618 days ago
49Babythighz528.97892.135 days ago
50Atrainzz530.20890.755 days ago
51Loix806.66890.635 days ago
52Spookems880.43890.315 days ago
53Markatron3598.62890.195 days ago
54Myertos55099.50889.815 days ago
55Elleah448.03889.7510 days ago
56Gaga48667.11889.565 days ago
57Dinner385.19888.635 days ago
58Altmage254.15888.505 days ago
59Lewbtko299.34888.315 days ago
60Saberstrike2075.39888.195 days ago
61Setsuna52.88888.135 days ago
62Hiimbear54483.44888.005 days ago
63Stat63441.12887.945 days ago
64Chipwhat65573.36887.755 days ago
65Gallanon432.21887.505 days ago
66Memes404.59887.195 days ago
67Wannabeqtee65408.88886.815 days ago
68Littleboybob65408.88886.8118 days ago
69Englols863.85886.635 days ago
70Alysra108.78886.635 days ago
71Peterpanman741.97886.565 days ago
72Smooching57619.10886.385 days ago
73Cazzi2187.51886.255 days ago
74Sconey1989.16886.0618 days ago
75Onepunchmãn380.03886.005 days ago
76Frawstbyte54595.26885.755 days ago
77Ryliah65413.16885.755 days ago
78Rancora2466.12885.635 days ago
79Fashionstar951.05885.565 days ago
80Mynameispete428.89885.565 days ago
81Elmerin267.22885.135 days ago
82Delirious54511.11884.755 days ago
83Namebrand454.65884.695 days ago
84Yungnigg867.86884.445 days ago
85Deadburty490.55884.195 days ago
86Baxtab121.82884.065 days ago
87Axewhole1458.64883.755 days ago
88Popsickelz65630.93883.695 days ago
89Kâhlàn244.36883.445 days ago
90Mightbekevin656.71883.383 days ago
91Shamdoc281.09883.065 days ago
92Whay2593.59882.695 days ago
93Komis65400.56882.5018 days ago
94Shuey357.32881.815 days ago
95Dreadme3.26881.815 days ago
96Jenannannana2231.50881.815 days ago
97Airathe0.00881.755 days ago
98Flawedsoul333.22881.385 days ago
99Raiken57221.59881.195 days ago
100Dreamworks283.50881.005 days ago
101Dkpowah0.00880.505 days ago
102Zydel2649.18880.445 days ago
103Bigpupper0.00880.255 days ago
104Critscream302.78880.005 days ago
105Blackmoore17.03878.885 days ago
106Zzero260.02878.315 days ago
107Bangaway288.78878.315 days ago
108Knobbie344.00878.1918 days ago
109Whorgenn0.48877.755 days ago
110Laundryday373.15877.255 days ago
111Chip3093.89876.635 days ago
112Snack52314.02875.755 days ago
113Swigityswuty4.14875.635 days ago
114Kalorie330.31874.315 days ago
115Fashionz407.61873.445 days ago
116Elemend364.55873.445 days ago
117Wookster438.39873.135 days ago
118Siphorith0.00871.885 days ago
119Hehehelulxd266.68871.754 days ago
120Engs2.28871.065 days ago
121Grandé299.97871.005 days ago
122Itchynail0.90870.695 days ago
123Brucelinkzx286.40870.505 days ago
124Cantspell424.80870.255 days ago
125Riotous400.11870.195 days ago
126Juubee0.00869.945 days ago
127Comis2888.02869.885 days ago
128Sladezlol255.84869.815 days ago
129Hyracks0.00869.635 days ago
130Learntolive569.69869.445 days ago
131Ashtoes198.21869.195 days ago
132Kevgochugo0.00869.005 days ago
133Boolei8.45869.005 days ago
134Whirlwindz3.42868.815 days ago
135Bloodkush4.68868.445 days ago
136Critstrike260.02867.1918 days ago
137Teqnik333.22865.815 days ago
138Solstice743.09865.755 days ago
139Simbah0.00865.565 days ago
140Jkdc415.50865.255 days ago
141Psychosis7688.12865.135 days ago
142Zâríne0.36864.195 days ago
143Gralnokk391.63863.945 days ago
144Healbotone53.52863.635 days ago
145Phyron3.17863.635 days ago
146Czarrow289.54863.635 days ago
147Nidd3.88863.565 days ago
148Zazu0.40863.445 days ago
149Melnoah44.90863.255 days ago
150Flaks330.03863.135 days ago
151Iredman3.96862.695 days ago
152Neby0.00861.815 days ago
153Durtydan414.13861.755 days ago
154Drooulxd0.00861.695 days ago
155Petiteparis3.69860.7518 days ago
156Madnug4.41860.255 days ago
157Toagi0.86860.255 days ago
158Exotikxz0.00860.255 days ago
159Kyndelia0.00859.885 days ago
160Econometrics4.19859.8118 days ago
161Abolita0.42859.505 days ago
162Stabolita0.00859.195 days ago
163Psyop0.00857.8112 days ago
164Wannabeqts338.49857.565 days ago
165Palladin163.84857.445 days ago
166Velethira260.02856.755 days ago
167Qaz0.00856.385 days ago
168Babomang3.27856.255 days ago
169Shambones0.00855.8818 days ago
170Nevaren0.00855.565 days ago
171Meekrat0.00854.385 days ago
172Cleve14.97853.815 days ago
173Kahzu0.00853.7518 days ago
174Erioz0.00852.885 days ago
175Seiber14.47852.385 days ago
176Skyriss4.32852.255 days ago
177Feonix446.66851.815 days ago
178Dantaeus0.00851.565 days ago
179Jojokaizer0.00851.195 days ago
180Meatfingers3.96851.135 days ago
181Sookz0.00850.255 days ago
182Capernian0.00850.135 days ago
183Razillidari0.00849.945 days ago
184Fashionn0.00849.505 days ago
185Mirriban3.66849.445 days ago
186Sids0.00849.385 days ago
187Tunnelsnakes0.00849.315 days ago
188Shankæ28.80848.315 days ago
189Danza0.85848.2518 days ago
190Dilaudiid0.00848.195 days ago
191Tipme0.00848.005 days ago
192Joseguapo321.53847.885 days ago
193Stak0.30847.815 days ago
194Weentown0.00847.195 days ago
195Mufãsa0.00846.815 days ago
196Vol4.41846.565 days ago
197Starrfox0.45846.315 days ago
198Cherioz0.00846.255 days ago
199Aceofburty0.00846.255 days ago
200Nazlonius0.00846.195 days ago
201Elunaz0.00846.135 days ago
202Albastar4.37846.065 days ago
203Hanzokid0.00845.885 days ago
204Cutedots3.16845.815 days ago
205Exotik0.00845.065 days ago
206Ceptic4.19843.815 days ago
207Skyb0.00843.635 days ago
208Lansar0.00842.815 days ago
209Tsunam3.71842.385 days ago
210Nyanlol0.00842.065 days ago
211Pupchi0.00841.691 day ago
212Peterpanmanx0.00841.565 days ago
213Felastraza266.68840.945 days ago
214Kappaxdlul0.00840.815 days ago
215Stalrus0.53840.755 days ago
216Cleveadin0.00840.565 days ago
217Defts0.00840.5618 days ago
218Morfix0.00840.445 days ago
219Jellymint0.00840.385 days ago
220Rhuk0.00840.005 days ago
221Tacticool0.00838.8818 days ago
222Grilledcheez0.00838.065 days ago
223Hendawgz0.00837.445 days ago
224Wambam0.00837.195 days ago
225Kalcifer0.00836.945 days ago
226Dfcfuryn0.00834.0018 days ago
227Holygoat0.00834.005 days ago
228Lexia0.00832.695 days ago
229Krrl0.00830.885 days ago
230Drexotik0.00830.635 days ago
231Paytowin0.00830.385 days ago
232Weepee0.00829.385 days ago
233Rayk0.00829.135 days ago
234Triscuits0.00827.255 days ago
235Timoan0.00823.3818 days ago
236Wangaro0.00823.195 days ago
237Rommadin0.00821.005 days ago
238Exotikyou0.00817.635 days ago
239Zoire0.00817.505 days ago
240Wargasmic193.01817.385 days ago
241Fashionmonk0.00816.505 days ago
242Analli0.00812.195 days ago
243Dankjoo0.00811.3118 days ago
244Dabolita0.00810.635 days ago
245Galausia0.00809.195 days ago
246Crazydiamond0.00806.695 days ago
247Kappamancer0.00800.135 days ago
248Yoshiqt150.00798.505 days ago
249Wargetta0.00797.875 days ago
250Mcshmile0.00796.755 days ago
251Brian0.00796.195 days ago
252Strongth0.00790.815 days ago
253Biribirii0.00789.815 days ago
254Boorei0.00789.065 days ago

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