Update Progress for Brotherhood of Traevant


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Lunaress0.84917.811 day ago
2Eñvy1.15917.311 day ago
3Squidknees1.14915.311 day ago
4Molor1.12914.441 day ago
5Cutfupanda1.15913.191 day ago
6Sorab1.14912.941 day ago
7Akintharo1.15912.251 day ago
8Fremén0.89910.691 day ago
9Ess1.15909.881 day ago
10Tolen0.00908.751 day ago
11Alyahna0.00908.381 day ago
12Catris1.14908.251 day ago
13Humoresque1.15907.941 day ago
14Binkie1.14907.191 day ago
15Kerred1.13906.631 day ago
16Megadith1.15905.561 day ago
17Frink1.10904.251 day ago
18Mequieres0.00904.001 day ago
19Maddok0.00903.381 day ago
20Theonan0.00903.311 day ago
21Elanzo1.14903.311 day ago
22Luch0.00902.691 day ago
23Maurah0.00902.381 day ago
24Phaetheon1.14901.941 day ago
25Mscici0.00901.631 day ago
26Virelan0.00901.631 day ago
27Qaelethe0.00900.811 day ago
28Fascinus0.00900.191 day ago
29Pldn0.00900.061 day ago
30Sealtoes0.00899.441 day ago
31Lemyoo0.00898.941 day ago
32Bashale0.00898.061 day ago
33Dx0.00898.001 day ago
34Elgavacho0.00897.941 day ago
35Taladina0.00897.751 day ago
36Kwickdraw0.00896.441 day ago
37Anothermage0.00894.941 day ago
38Ciela0.00894.561 day ago
39Arkadya0.00894.441 day ago
40Dolphinfist0.00893.561 day ago
41Thadris0.00892.131 day ago
42Vralen0.00891.631 day ago
43Hellankela0.00891.441 day ago
44Azuloni0.00891.061 day ago
45Lluna0.00890.751 day ago
46Kams0.00890.691 day ago
47Aurayle0.00890.631 day ago
48Penguinteeth0.00890.561 day ago
49Lyes0.00888.631 day ago
50Páveháwk0.00888.631 day ago
51Snugglestabs0.00888.441 day ago
52Magadon0.00887.941 day ago
53Cihx0.00887.811 day ago
54Vojkan0.00886.061 day ago
55Poliahu0.00886.001 day ago
56Toris0.00885.691 day ago
57Binkybot0.00885.251 day ago
58Nihne0.00885.061 day ago
59Jingfei0.00884.131 day ago
60Cephun0.00883.191 day ago
61Pitufa0.00883.131 day ago
62Flatiron0.00882.131 day ago
63Aquinas0.00881.691 day ago
64Mega0.00879.751 day ago
65Alliana0.00875.941 day ago
66Weiguan0.00875.881 day ago
67Bleary0.00875.501 day ago
68Dalaillama0.00871.881 day ago
69Hath0.00871.381 day ago
70Thundercats0.00870.881 day ago
71Berrin0.00869.811 day ago
72Satra0.00867.381 day ago
73Leyli0.00866.691 day ago
74Kàrt0.00865.691 day ago
75Eivin0.00863.061 day ago
76Marleigh0.00862.251 day ago
77Firiann0.00862.131 day ago
78Dosha0.00859.941 day ago
79Demitar0.00859.061 day ago
80Clytemnestra0.00857.881 day ago
81Cutslash0.00857.751 day ago
82Sarynn0.00857.251 day ago
83Ursla0.00856.501 day ago
84Cardian0.00856.191 day ago
85Sarta0.00854.811 day ago
86Teleios0.00853.751 day ago
87Phaethrax0.00851.381 day ago
88Edon0.00849.561 day ago
89Artas0.00849.061 day ago
90Adyrth0.00849.061 day ago
91Damagedheart0.00848.441 day ago
92Lileanah0.00848.441 day ago
93Skyrage0.00847.131 day ago
94Sorabjr0.00846.501 day ago
95Krapica0.00845.001 day ago
96Jahunkma0.00844.631 day ago
97Saevage0.00844.381 day ago
98Drits0.00843.441 day ago
99Mythdiel0.00843.191 day ago
100Acehigher0.00838.811 day ago
101Horchata0.00838.001 day ago
102Agerd0.00837.631 day ago
103Lomosaltado0.00837.131 day ago
104Vaughn0.00835.811 day ago
105Koone0.00834.941 day ago
106Pernil0.00833.441 day ago
107Fellaric0.00831.311 day ago
108Tivandus0.00830.691 day ago
109Droz0.00828.941 day ago
110Risotto0.00827.881 day ago
111Svodann0.00827.251 day ago
112Christiana0.00824.941 day ago
113Evileli0.00819.631 day ago
114Nynia0.00804.501 day ago
115Caorn0.00802.881 day ago
116Mij0.00802.191 day ago
117Dergo0.00800.881 day ago
118Zapporah0.00800.561 day ago
119Svorius0.00799.561 day ago
120Facekiller0.00798.941 day ago
121Dreamroamer0.00798.631 day ago
122Umbrus0.00796.001 day ago
123Keziah0.00792.811 day ago
124Tfyrr0.00791.191 day ago
125Ruark0.00786.311 day ago
126Cordrius0.00786.191 day ago
127Jovi0.00784.501 day ago

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