Update Progress for Quantum


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Seprath44.55919.383 hours ago
2Aralinya44.01917.753 hours ago
3Mechanger44.25916.313 hours ago
4Clockwipe44.01915.443 hours ago
5Olddan44.18914.633 hours ago
6Hëmogoblin44.19913.812 days ago
7Laksamaihum44.01913.133 hours ago
8Sklewisk44.01912.813 hours ago
9Hashirath44.01912.693 hours ago
10Demonzhunter1.20911.313 hours ago
11Nikimchi44.01910.753 hours ago
12Ziyasha44.29910.061 day ago
13Hakawee1.20908.443 hours ago
14Arakinya0.90908.252 days ago
15Angkatbolah0.00907.382 days ago
16Aradesya0.00907.252 days ago
17Blastanger0.00907.132 days ago
18Khades1.20907.062 days ago
19Narasong44.01906.503 hours ago
20Samgeopsal0.90906.062 days ago
21Hunttotem0.00904.752 days ago
22Dorothea44.01903.563 hours ago
23Raheals0.00903.192 days ago
24Xelyria0.00901.812 days ago
25Mynx0.00901.382 days ago
26Joph0.00900.632 days ago
27Nikimochi0.60900.505 days ago
28Clockwise0.00900.3110 days ago
29Zenanger0.00900.1310 days ago
30Arasera0.00900.0610 days ago
31Nelyo0.00899.2510 days ago
32Momoring0.00897.4410 days ago
33Huatarsmlj0.00897.3110 days ago
34Darthanger0.00895.1310 days ago
35Tónight0.00894.1910 days ago
36Rimran0.00894.0010 days ago
37Miguri0.00892.8810 days ago
38Myronysticus0.00892.3110 days ago
39Sentmegold0.00890.1310 days ago
40Trapwithin0.00889.8810 days ago
41Trollyouk0.00886.5010 days ago
42Meowlios0.00883.0610 days ago
43Drybones0.00882.4410 days ago
44Rhodesxo0.00882.0610 days ago
45Tharax0.00881.5010 days ago
46Pallytotem0.00881.3810 days ago
47Kelysandra0.00881.3110 days ago
48Twofase0.00881.0610 days ago
49Zelyria0.00880.7510 days ago
50Emmajaye0.00880.2510 days ago
51Zurokk0.00879.1910 days ago
52Telandis0.00876.3110 days ago
53Magestigr0.00875.3820 days ago
54Cbleaf0.00875.1310 days ago
55Hughheifer0.00870.6910 days ago
56Lelyria0.00870.3110 days ago
57Garanasaur0.00870.1910 days ago
58Qelyria0.00869.8110 days ago
59Leocis0.00869.1310 days ago
60Hototbunny0.00868.6910 days ago
61Glennade0.00868.4410 days ago
62Melishious0.00867.6310 days ago
63Velyria0.00867.0610 days ago
64Nelyria0.00866.2510 days ago
65Hópè0.00864.8820 days ago
66Quinnutcase0.00864.5010 days ago
67Warbarbíe0.00859.2510 days ago
68Pandaribbon0.00856.811 month ago
69Yelyria0.00856.0610 days ago
70Insanehunter0.00855.9410 days ago
71Youdunchibai0.00855.6910 days ago
72Melyria0.00855.4410 days ago
73Kroes0.00855.3810 days ago
74Linnyn0.00853.5620 days ago
75Selyria0.00852.0010 days ago
76Minyxette0.00851.9410 days ago
77Relyria0.00850.9410 days ago
78Pokémonster0.00850.192 days ago
79Dony0.00849.0020 days ago
80Creebix0.00847.5610 days ago
81Drykonbear0.00846.6910 days ago
82Phake0.00841.8810 days ago
83Micayle0.00839.3110 days ago
84Dragôn0.00836.2510 days ago
85Selynadh0.00834.0010 days ago
86Aisehdon0.00828.3810 days ago
87Maicowbeh0.00822.312 days ago
88Spardarv0.00810.6310 days ago
89Felirius0.00806.8110 days ago
90Ignatos0.00805.0010 days ago
91Juvela0.00798.2510 days ago
92Grundolf0.00797.4410 days ago
93Mykal0.00793.563 hours ago
94Hefirius0.00788.8810 days ago
95Greenshaman0.00784.2510 days ago
96Amoramordron0.00753.192 days ago

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