Update Progress for The Old Republic


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select characters participated in the kill

The characters have to have their Battle.net profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Keylen112.64920.881 day ago
2Fakeholy69.93919.941 day ago
3Everywhere39.93919.881 day ago
4Lighthope54.70919.441 day ago
5Poroko4.30917.561 day ago
6Heavenlordz103.32917.061 day ago
7Bmtamer71.57915.501 day ago
8Rekkuza97.05915.311 day ago
9Fakehulk39.66914.941 day ago
10Sparckz0.00914.441 day ago
11Forkquay39.66913.881 day ago
12Boomshack4.27913.631 day ago
13Nùggets101.50913.631 day ago
14Edgexkyng3.97913.561 day ago
15Oeezy39.66913.381 day ago
16Tresslia43.07913.251 day ago
17Deafrat3.97912.751 day ago
18Critikal55.52912.691 day ago
19Evilcliv39.66911.881 day ago
20Bengg3.97911.311 day ago
21Nuguri0.00910.751 day ago
22Ironite4.07910.251 day ago
23Syùyù4.07909.941 day ago
24Yunnyunn39.66909.941 day ago
25Lovelyu0.98909.881 day ago
26Züei39.66909.501 day ago
27Pokoro13.19909.441 day ago
28Snaketooth4.07909.001 day ago
29Zueì14.84908.881 day ago
30Bben0.14908.441 day ago
31Szeqt26.44907.381 day ago
32Vorgak39.66907.061 day ago
33Lyzee0.60906.561 day ago
34Fakeblind0.00906.311 day ago
35Bulletbrain0.00905.811 day ago
36Voltax4.30905.811 day ago
37Lvin0.00905.631 day ago
38Shelyn0.00903.631 day ago
39Lolicon0.00903.311 day ago
40Rhapsodyy3.97903.001 day ago
41Allahuakbrah1.04903.001 day ago
42Arashiden0.00902.691 day ago
43Drackor0.65900.001 day ago
44Chowyunfatt0.00899.441 day ago
45Spicedtea0.00898.811 day ago
46Hanshi0.00898.631 day ago
47Jukain1.11898.561 day ago
48Zueii0.56897.441 day ago
49Lanfeår0.00895.501 day ago
50Fakehorny0.00894.941 day ago
51Rorn0.00892.311 day ago
52Wangmcfang0.00891.751 day ago
53Juloch0.00890.381 day ago
54Darkwalka0.00890.131 day ago
55Zuei0.00889.691 day ago
56Gben0.00884.131 day ago
57Altaria0.00883.751 day ago
58Tyflós0.00883.061 day ago
59Raknaroth0.00881.751 day ago
60Syùyu0.00880.941 day ago
61Lightback0.00879.381 day ago
62Fakedruid0.00875.881 day ago
63Muggleborn0.00875.191 day ago
64Harryputek0.00875.061 day ago
65Biblebreaker0.00874.001 day ago
66Stupify0.00872.131 day ago
67Rhimbus0.00871.691 day ago
68Nüts0.00868.131 day ago
69Drifitz0.00866.561 day ago
70Feeoni0.00866.001 day ago
71Azu0.00862.811 day ago
72Neverwinter0.00862.811 day ago
73Lanfearr0.00862.311 day ago
74Kagamì0.00859.811 day ago
75Sapngáp0.00859.691 day ago
76Shamanïgans0.00857.441 day ago
77Fiend0.00856.881 day ago
78Ducksaucé0.00856.311 day ago
79Photon0.00855.381 day ago
80Ryukan0.00853.881 day ago
81Dêmonsoul0.00852.941 day ago
82Iyce0.00852.001 day ago
83Zirka0.00851.561 day ago
84Darthbane0.00851.001 day ago
85Trudak0.00849.311 day ago
86Kenobi0.00848.811 day ago
87Eicete0.00847.381 day ago
88Grrtt0.00847.061 day ago
89Shannen0.00846.631 day ago
90Zookyy0.00845.691 day ago
91Tharatrall0.00845.561 day ago
92Blíndnotdeaf0.00844.001 day ago
93Rurepage0.00843.381 day ago
94Guladan0.00843.311 day ago
95Initial0.00841.631 day ago
96Talarga0.00825.501 day ago
97Eindei0.00815.311 day ago
98Balanore0.00808.941 day ago
99Grandcannon0.00801.881 day ago
100Eragoth0.00800.191 day ago
101Fenrax0.00798.251 day ago
102Arranathal0.00788.061 day ago

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