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Would you like to also update individual characters? (to update bosskill setup)

The characters have to have their profiles updated (the players need to exit to the character selection screen in the game for that).
UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Nuvox396.80930.751 day ago
2Gryning396.80930.191 day ago
3Demoted396.80929.631 day ago
4Akrisa385.17929.501 day ago
5Apolyonz396.80929.251 day ago
6Quantity396.80929.191 day ago
7Mezasu396.80926.881 day ago
8Quantastic12.43926.441 day ago
9Catness107.88926.191 day ago
10Indom396.80926.061 day ago
11Hshift396.80926.061 day ago
12Rixia355.19925.631 day ago
13Krakow373.50925.441 day ago
14Girado396.80925.381 day ago
15Relikar396.80924.561 day ago
16Qtity0.00924.191 day ago
17Sanctificare366.64924.061 day ago
18Wuzzfuzzy396.80923.501 day ago
19Qtitty0.00923.251 day ago
20Sönic361.89922.941 day ago
21Nualla72.25922.691 day ago
22Quality0.91922.441 day ago
23Rieves0.00922.1915 hours ago
24Arcanecrazy85.52922.061 day ago
25Halje99.48921.881 day ago
26Tsukushii1.12919.751 day ago
27Pennybagz361.89918.751 day ago
28Kayliah4.09917.311 day ago
29Wildfire49.94915.311 day ago
30Apolly96.36913.941 day ago
31Norion67.15911.631 day ago
32Ubiquitin13.01911.381 day ago
33Marcarita88.56909.881 day ago
34Apollyons3.63909.561 day ago
35Sosta0.00908.811 day ago
36Grynadin3.86908.691 day ago
37Blackshock54.16907.381 day ago
38Stabshift0.91906.561 day ago
39Aptorian4.09906.191 day ago
40Xen0.00904.941 day ago
41Purgemonkey0.00904.811 day ago
42Bubiquitin39.84904.191 day ago
43Bithuntel0.00904.001 day ago
44Buttstabs0.00903.501 day ago
45Opeiron0.00901.381 day ago
46Xuriels0.00901.191 day ago
47Chickenshift0.00899.381 day ago
48Nerdrage0.52898.881 day ago
49Clegæne0.00897.751 day ago
50Primarina0.00897.691 day ago
51Lunarion111.89897.001 day ago
52Nuamunk0.00896.751 day ago
53Caltasha0.00896.251 day ago
54Sofiela0.00895.881 day ago
55Kyndal0.00895.381 day ago
56Toastqt0.00892.691 day ago
57Dellita0.00892.631 day ago
58Invictus0.00891.381 day ago
59Kaila0.00891.139 minutes ago
60Mmbop0.00890.191 day ago
61Gadriel0.00888.501 day ago
62Töby0.00888.381 day ago
63Dennaria0.00888.191 day ago
64Trìforce0.00887.191 day ago
65Lunaqt0.00886.811 day ago
66Bryant0.00885.381 day ago
67Snarlequin0.00883.881 day ago
68Wshift0.00878.381 day ago
69Ceraphina0.00877.941 day ago
70Sandryah0.00877.311 day ago
71Atium0.00876.561 day ago
72Artemishowl0.00874.311 day ago
73Delerethe0.00874.131 day ago
74Ubigrippin0.00874.131 day ago
75Tumtums0.00874.001 day ago
76Lockshift0.00872.561 day ago
77Demelain0.00870.061 day ago
78Kaylée0.00868.691 day ago
79Asmodeus0.00866.191 day ago
80Fuzziwuzzi0.00865.501 day ago
81Ubiquidemon0.00864.381 day ago
82Benjì0.00862.811 day ago
83Eladel0.00862.561 day ago
84Disloyaltwo0.00861.881 day ago
85Parable0.00860.001 day ago
86Hancholo0.00858.881 day ago
87Darkorie0.00858.501 day ago
88Inâra0.00852.691 day ago
89Chlorine0.00851.881 day ago
90Minno0.00851.131 day ago
91Xerro0.00849.631 day ago
92Sophia0.00848.811 day ago
93Sanctitti0.00845.131 day ago
94Delithra0.00844.811 day ago
95Xieves0.00844.251 day ago
96Deliriya0.00843.191 day ago
97Deathicide0.00842.811 day ago
98Dkayliah0.00842.811 day ago
99Delindris0.00841.381 day ago
100Icequitin0.00841.251 day ago
101Sensko0.00838.441 day ago
102Unoa0.00833.631 day ago
103Sephiria0.00832.501 day ago
104Nuadha0.00831.001 day ago
105Schismo0.00828.131 day ago
106Viginti0.00826.751 day ago
107Bubulicious0.00818.691 day ago
108Windu0.00813.001 day ago
109Pieze0.00808.691 day ago
110Evilsouls0.00803.691 day ago
111Däisy0.00801.251 day ago
112Torpedk0.00798.751 day ago
113Pheers0.00789.251 day ago
114Ubisham0.00755.001 day ago
115Rohir0.00726.441 day ago
116Ubistabbin0.00717.317 days ago
117Plantains0.00--5 months ago

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