Update Progress for Supermassive


1. Make sure you update your progress before you kill the boss for second time. Otherwise your bosskill timestamp in Battle.net is overriden by the second kill (and your first kill time is lost forever).

2. WoWProgress usually cannot add your bosskills if they are missing in Battle.net. If Battle.net data is buggy, we have to wait for a fix.

Select Characters to Update

UpdateNCharacterPvE ScoreItem LevelLast Checked
1Akrisa35941.10907.637 days ago
2Girado1252.00907.257 days ago
3Mezasu2227.76907.1920 hours ago
4Anshlun64882.72906.817 days ago
5Indom1252.00905.2521 hour ago
6Quantity1252.00905.1920 hours ago
7Sanctificare873.26904.887 days ago
8Neryssia48786.47904.137 days ago
9Sönic1237.37902.635 hours ago
10Wuzzfuzzy1202.07902.383 days ago
11Apolyonz1897.99901.9420 hours ago
12Krakow1178.90901.887 days ago
13Stabshift338.73901.447 days ago
14Deliahla1520.37901.197 days ago
15Rixas623.49901.197 days ago
16Relikar406.77900.633 days ago
17Gryning64101.24899.947 days ago
18Chickenshift1190.46899.757 days ago
19Kayliah412.83899.507 days ago
20Nuvox62156.80898.887 days ago
21Norion11.22898.387 days ago
22Primarina797.57897.697 days ago
23Wildfire878.24896.567 days ago
24Bithuntel1168.77894.007 days ago
25Halje402.80891.697 days ago
26Tsukushii13.94891.257 days ago
27Caspaseseven164.09890.137 days ago
28Arcanecrazy568.50889.697 days ago
29Sosta598.33889.697 days ago
30Quantastic3.47889.197 days ago
31Aptorian3.05888.567 days ago
32Qtitty10.23888.317 days ago
33Lunarion228.86888.007 days ago
34Trìforce122.39887.197 days ago
35Purgemonkey0.00885.137 days ago
36Qtity0.42884.637 days ago
37Iamthegoat330.79884.387 days ago
38Wshift3.86881.637 days ago
39Kyndal0.00881.507 days ago
40Deleera112.14879.197 days ago
41Nualla781.77877.817 days ago
42Catness389.60875.817 days ago
43Artemishowl154.31874.317 days ago
44Eveshade326.70873.947 days ago
45Caltasha0.00872.947 days ago
46Dellita0.00867.567 days ago
47Asmodeus0.00866.197 days ago
48Apolly0.00863.067 days ago
49Disloyaltwo0.00861.887 days ago
50Parable0.00860.007 days ago
51Hancholo0.00858.887 days ago
52Darkorie0.00858.507 days ago
53Ubiquidemon4.10857.697 days ago
54Gadriel0.00857.257 days ago
55Delerethe0.00856.387 days ago
56Benjì256.84853.137 days ago
57Fuzziwuzzi0.00852.637 days ago
58Clegæne0.00852.067 days ago
59Xerro0.00849.637 days ago
60Deathicide0.00842.817 days ago
61Ubiquitin4.16838.447 days ago
62Sensko0.00838.447 days ago
63Kaylée0.00835.007 days ago
64Unoa4.49833.637 days ago
65Apollyons0.00828.317 days ago
66Churchil0.00820.137 days ago
67Bubulicious0.00818.697 days ago
68Windu0.00813.007 days ago
69Pieze0.00808.697 days ago
70Evilsouls0.00803.697 days ago
71Däisy0.00801.257 days ago
72Electronz0.00796.137 days ago
73Pheers0.00789.257 days ago
74Rohir0.00726.447 days ago

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