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Aggada (Agga#2110)

Sex: Male
Age: 28
Country: Germany

WoW Characters

Aggada wgmEU (DE)-Blackrock- tank only player
- 100% attendance
- dh, dudu, dk, monk
- ready to switch chars based on strategies



Aggamo SnafuEU (DE)-Thrall
AggamoEU (DE)-Blackrock9/9 mythic - i did mekka and stormwall as dk

i have all tanks at 120 and ready to swap if required
AggadkEU (DE)-Blackrock
AggaduEU (DE)-Blackrock
AggapalEU (DE)-Blackrock
Aggawa wgmEU (DE)-Blackrock
Aggawl Immota FidesEU (DE)-Forscherliga
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