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Aiwendýl (Kinety#2855)

Sex: Male
Age: 22
Country: Denmark

WoW Characters

Kinety HiraethEU-DraenorWR 260 in Hellfire Citadel
WR 230 in The Eternal Palace with - Refer to Ryan#23341 (RL of Epoch) on for questions about performance.

Other "notable" achievments; Running own guild as GM/RL/Healing Officer for 5 years, achieving consistent CE's between 600-1500 world ranks on a 2-3 day schedule.

Got 11 characters at level 120, last 2 classes are between 110 and 120, don't mind playing anything, can heal aswell.

Open to most offers, open to server transferring, open to going alliance.
Can dayraid, can maintain alts. - Some logs are private/unlisted, ask if you are in doubt.

Kinety#2855 on Bnet/Kinety#6969 on Discord.
Kinetylock HiraethEU-Draenor
Kinetypala MithraEU-Draenor

Once main is done with Azshara, LF guild to chill with for the tier.

Can't raid Thursday/Sunday.

Don't care about progress.

Able to play any alts that i have linked on wowprogress.
Kinetymonk HiraethEU-Draenor
Kinetypriest MithraEU-Draenor
Kinetydudu HiraethEU-Draenor
Kinetydk MithraEU-Draenor
Kinetydh MithraEU-Draenor
Kinetyrogue MithraEU-Draenor7/8M RL/GM, looking for alt guild for the fun of it. Progress doesn't matter, can do crossrealm aswell

Can not raid Thursday/Sunday/Monday nights, as i have mainraid.
(Yes, i can play sub on Zul)
Kinetywarr HiraethEU-Draenor
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