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Asyrilliath (Asyrilliath#2579)

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Braybeard AngeredEU-DraenorDruid (Main Char) logs -
Mistweaver Logs -

Druid -
Druid Armory -

Start high end raiding in Legion

Legion World Ranks
EN - 1411
ToV - n/a
NH - 575
ToS - 361
Antorus - 629

BFA World Ranks
Uldir - 184*
BoD - 69

Currently maining Boomkin/Resto Druid, have played Guardian/Blood DK/Mistweaver/Sub Rogue/Vengeance DH during current mythic content / progression raids. Experience at all 3 roles, willing to play any class I have readily available. Preference to Druid.
Urgthok AngeredEU-Draenor
Asyrilliath AngeredEU-Draenor
Softpáw First BloodEU-Ragnaros
Xukundí First BloodEU-Ragnaros
Alhaera First BloodEU-Ragnaros
Tzuljin First BloodEU-Ragnaros
Parthemar First BloodEU-Ragnaros
Asyriliath First BloodEU-Ragnaros
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