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BicDQ (Bic#11599)

Sex: Male
Country: United Kingdom

WoW Characters

Bicecube pull tenEU-KazzakCurrently GM/RL of <pull ten> - Kazzak

Capable of playing any class/spec if needed for progression.

WoD Characters (13/13M on 4x Chars)

B. DK [HFC]:
Sub. Rogue [HFC]:

Legion Characters

MM. Hunter [EN][ToV]:
H. DH [NH] (late reroll):

Fr. Mage [Ant.] (Progression):
R. Sham [Ant.] (1st time healing!):
Bicolascage pull tenEU-Kazzak
Bicdq pull tenEU-Kazzak
Bihc pull tenEU-Kazzak
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