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Icewing (NSalling#1212)

Real Name: Nelsen Salling
Sex: Male
Age: 41 (Apr 28, 1980)
Country: United States

WoW Characters

Icewîng SeerUS-ProudmooreFamily of raiders (8/10M) looking for a new home. Currently Alliance on Proudmoore but willing to go anyplace that is a good fit.

Need Raid Times 7:30 PM PST or later any days are fine.

Our guild just died and we are looking for a new home to continue the fun.
We are RL family, and are not a “package deal” but would all like a place to trial together. All toons are 225-226 ilevel

Icewîng : Fury=Arms>Prot
Fenrirsend : Havoc>Vengeance
Mtnshadow : Boom=Feral

Please add if interested.
Discord Icewing#1761
BTag NSalling#1212
Balefîre Proper VillainsUS-Proudmoore
Beastwîng Proper VillainsUS-Proudmoore
Frostwîng Proper VillainsUS-Proudmoore
Ironwîng Proper VillainsUS-Proudmoore
Badmoôn Proper VillainsUS-Proudmoore
Ironcauldron Proper VillainsUS-Proudmoore
Dragonsend Dark SkiesUS-Hyjal
Felhunter Blackhand EliteUS-Proudmoore


GuildDark SkiesUS-Hyjal
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