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Kevyne I AM A HOLY PALADINUS-ShandrisGuild Leader of <I AM A HOLY PALADIN>.
Guild established on November 6, 2010 (not 2011).

Not into WoW raiding as it's simply RNG gambling.

17 Marrowgar kills for a 264 shield to drop to even roll upon, killed that interest (back then it was labeled as "extremely low" drop rate). I will do older raids solo; duoing with family; world bosses, but that's the sum of my raiding career in WoW.

LFR wasn't the concept I asked/fought and defended for, either. FLEX is close, but still has problems. Thus, still not raiding.

So I mainly PvP, when interested, as gear can be obtained by working through the season, and a player can schedule around it as needed. RBGs are a nice compromise of raiding and PvP, especially on maps suited for communication and coordination. It keeps my interest as it's much more faster paced and suited for Holy paladin single-target healing.


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