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LazyDot (TheLazyAlu#1556)

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LazydotUS-Area 52returning 9/9m 4/9M lock lf chill CE guild for Eternal Palace!:) (mythic)ý#zone=21&bybracket=1&difficulty=4 (heroic)

noteabely rank 1 rasak) thelazyalu#1556

EP parses are poop because i was very far behind in terms of essence and psy blast(i had neither)

JóhnnysinsUS-Area 52
LazyskillsUS-Stormrage8/9M druid and 8/9M rouge looking for a weekend mythic guild to raid with on our alts, pref 5/9M+ :)
LazyuwuUS-Area 529/9M warlock looking for a weekend guild to raid with on alt! I want to raid more so i decided to raid with 2 guilds a week, on this druid I am looking for a weekend guild or basically a guild that doesnt raid tues weds thurs, pref a cutting edge guild but any work really.

my feral is 407 and is geared, I played feral in uldir and switch to lock in BoD
(feral ulldir logs)

pref a guild that is atleast 5/9M but if not do not hesitate to contact me regardless as I will consider.

discord: alumity#0125
bnet: thelazyalu#1556
Aluminati Nerd CrewUS-Stormragelookin for a m+ to push high io this season. goal is 2.5k-3k.

currently 431 and 1.1k io(couldve pushed io alot higher but ive just been farming gear)

bt: thelazyalu#1556
Alumity Nerd CrewUS-Stormrage
Xyerus Nerd CrewUS-Stormrage
Atattac Broken PromiseUS-Stormrage
AlumityUS-Area 52
Aottix Broken PromiseUS-Stormrage
Xteru Broken PromiseUS-Stormrage
LazyhealsUS-Area 52
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