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Mokosus (Mokosus#1733)

Real Name: Donald J. Trump
Sex: Male
Birthday: Aug 22
Country: Serbia

WoW Characters

Mokosus Intern Made This BossUS-Illidan
Mokosus SoberUS-Sargeras
DbangzUS-Mal'GanisLowest ilvl rogue to kill Mythic Zul

Looking to make my big break, was recently turned down from Limit but I'm keeping my head held high.
PiUS-Mal'GanisBoomkin Looking for a 9/9 guild.

Staying Horde

Cleared: 8/9 Mythic BoD. With 300+ on Jaina (Lowest -- 20%)

Discord: Mokosus#1738
Btag: Mokosus#1733

Available times: weekdays 8pm+ EST, times are flexible within reason

Marksmanship Power GamingUS-Mal'Ganis
Ihatemarco Power GamingUS-Mal'Ganis
Mokosus Power GamingUS-Mal'Ganis
Vape Power GamingUS-Mal'Ganis
Mikexd Power GamingUS-Mal'Ganis

Must listen to dank bangers such as Scooby Doo Pa Pa & other fre$h beats. Willing to meme for items PST best offer.
Stoolbag Power GamingUS-Mal'Ganis
Staryu Power GamingUS-Mal'Ganis
Goochbutter Intern Made This BossUS-Illidan


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