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Sex: Male
Age: 28 (Jan 12, 1989)
Country: United States

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MusicxdUS-DentargDD Warrior LF new raiding guild. I got kicked from my previous one because I had to take a break for a couple months because I got a new job. Looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild that is interest in progressing quickly through WoD raid content.

I've been raiding since Cata and was in the servers top raiding guild at the time. Was able to get 8/8 heroic before the final nerfs. Started MoP with the same guild and we got server first Heroic Will of the Emperors. Took a break shortly after that and came back in SoO for a little while and acehived 12/14 heroic before I got a new job and had to leave. Coming back to WoW now that I'm settled in with the new job and ready to progress again.

Link to my personal WoL:
Battletag: Musicxd#1934
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