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Mystch Go Rin No ShoEU-KilroggMy BattleTag: itsMystch#2620

Mained Feral Kitty for over 4 years, rerolled to WW at beginning of WoD.
Currently had break from raiding, which is why the progression is poor. Took break after guild disbanned at beginning of Highmaul Mythic(mid December/late December)

Recently started pugging BRF HC, have only 9/10 HC with the pug group. Which is pretty good for a pug that does only raid once a week, considering some 3day raiding guilds still didnt kill Blackhand.

Looking for guilds that start raids after 19:10st(Mon-Fri), Sat and Sun suit me anytime.

Looking for preferably some guilds that have already some Mythic progress and not just going into it.
Extriub PendulumEU-Kilrogg
Ariy Filthy CasualsEU-Kilrogg
Pérsona Filthy CasualsEU-Kilrogg
Ðreag BarbariansEU-Kilrogg
Ayashá Fatal UnionEU-Kilrogg
Mystental Murlocs go RAWLRLARGUEU-Kazzak
Dopéy PurifiedEU-Kazzak
SparkdkEU-Tarren Mill
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