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Myxel (Myksel#2389)

Sex: Male
Country: Sweden

WoW Characters

MaineventEU-Argent DawnFormer guilds:
Mists of Pandaria + Warlords,

Enraged Revolution - Sylvanas, T15 - T16
Immersion - Frostmane, T16 - T17
Ascendance - Draenor, T17 - T18
Nova - Ragnaros, T18 farm

Epoch & Safety Dance (Toxic Anime Girls)

Retired to play semi-hc for Legion due to IRL commitments, during which time I've maintained officer, raid-leader and raider roles, progressed through all of Legion's content at relevant tier part from ToV, albeit with a generous gear boost.

Looking For: A guild with few but quality raid days and to clear all Mythic content during relevant tier, willing to play alts for splits too.
MykselEU-Argent Dawn
Mykspala NovaEU-Ragnaros
Menacing Brotherhood of RedhallEU-Argent Dawn
Myksel NovaEU-RagnarosMyxel#1179
Beachedwhale Toxic Anime GirlsEU-Argent Dawn
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