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Pantouffe (Galdra#2390)

Sex: Male
Country: Turkey

WoW Characters

Pantoufle UnleashedEU-Twisting NetherA material engineer, curious little fella interested into history.

I have around 12 years of WoW experience.Including hardcore raiding.Now more like a skilled player with semi hardcorish mindset and pet/mount/achievment lover. I'm also into M+.
All-Spec Shaman Specialist(10 years of 12).Also Expert(!) on BM spec.

Feel free to message on wowprogress or ingame via adding Btag.
Paudette ArcanumEU-Twisting Nether
Müzellef Deal With ItEU-Twisting Nether
Kenzî ArcanumEU-Twisting Nether
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