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Prohibition (Prohibition#1628)

Country: United States

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Prøhibitiøn Wined N DinedUS-Area 52LF 1-2 night full clear heroic or mythic guild (A 1-night a week guild would be a god send if they're out there). CE xp through legion and bfa. Would like to gear up for the next tier raid in 8.2. Not too interested in CoS. Trying to get loot on my DH but don't mind bringing my warrior on bosses he is needed to tank.

Prefer to dps or learn dps, can tank if needed though.


Main Logs:

DH Tank Logs (prev tier):

Message me on here, or on Bnet: Prohibition#1628[/

Not available Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
Prøhìbìtìøn Wined N DinedUS-Area 52just came back from taking a break, my logs are scuffed, grinding benthic gear rn, seeing whats out there.

Would like to mythic raid, have cutting edge from most of legion and up until this tier of BFA.

Can't raid Fri, Sat, or Sun. Prefer 2 days Monday thru thursday if possible.

Won't transfer or switch factions.øhìbìtìøn
Prohibition Horde KarmaUS-Stormreaver
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