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Razielknight AddictionEU-DarkspearI am a DK who started raiding as dps back in mid WOTLK my first raiding guild was vesper where I earned my stripes fast learning everything about raiding specs and bosses were one of the first to kill the LichKing. As we wanted to do 25man progress vesper merged with clarity and we became Addiction.

While in addiction being one of the guilds top dps came and conquered ICC on 25man normal and HC. Having learned and proved my self i was promoted to officer and when cata was coming out we got realm first kill on Ruby Sanctum.

After that the guild went through cata raids we ran 2 10mans side by side where I was leading 1 group with another officer. as time went on proving my self more I was promoted to guild master to run thing while the original GM was away on business.

unfortunately people started to leave wow mid exp so the groups went down to 1 main and an alt group, but still clearing Heroics. Sadly more and more people left the game or went to other guilds.

We decided to move to another guild to get back to raiding and take a brake from Addiction.

Addiction was still on the server under the original GM who came back to the game late cata. Most players came back for MoP and did there own thing in MoP and clearing Heroics

But I then went to Midlifecrisis with most of the raiders we had in Addiction and sure enough with in two weeks i was back up to officer raid leading a 10man group through firelands clearing normals and HC modes.

Mid Dragon soul people from the main raid group left the guild leaving a hole and people not knowing what was going on and what will they do next. I stepped up to the plate became Guild master again and led a team of raiders with the help of some of the best people/raiders iv known and we decimated Dragon soul 8/8HC x2 = alt and main group.

In this time I made the switch to tank as it is what was I needed to do to take the groups through raids, and I have enjoyed every sec of tanking.

Now we are at the end of MOP we have gone back to Addiction and have some good players ready for what Warlords of Draenor and mythic raiding.

Time rolls on The Legion are back and Addiction are going strong ready take the fight to the legion.
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