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ScottishKKona (ScottishJew#2847)

Sex: Male
Age: 19
Country: United Kingdom

WoW Characters

ScottishstabEU-Kazzakdon't wanna miss 12 boss raid so guess i'm back to trying xddddddd
looking for guild similar ranking to what <Hoax> was and ideally as fun to play in PepeHands.

can reroll ideally melee tho since its most fun and not wheelchair 90% of time although mage is dank

'Scottish was such a good rogue that when he had to take a break we spent a month trying to find an adequate replacement before accepting that wasn't going to happen and our only option was to disband' - Best mage Hoax had by the end <Hoax>
"Scottish was aight" - Chrylm, Officer of <Hoax>

Best Queen pull 25% or something along those lines

WANNA PLAY MONK IN SHADOWLANDS :) < my class tier list for 8.3 onwards
Scottishmonk HoaxEU-Kazzak
Scottishdot Keppa KlebEU-Kazzak
Scottish Random OutcomeEU-Sylvanas
Scottishmage Angeli MortemEU-Ravencrest
Scottishbala Angeli MortemEU-Ravencrest
Scottishcünt HoaxEU-Kazzak
Wedietoo Keppa KlebEU-Kazzak
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