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Shreddedyo (Shredded#2760)

Real Name: Allan Grønhøj
Sex: Male
Age: 28 (Jul 4, 1991)
Country: Denmark

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ShredyopalaEU-Tarren MillHey guys, im looking to raid as hpala I have a lot of mythic exp from mainly legion and some bfa as well really want to push this tier!! I have optimized WA's and everything ready to pump. In m+ I also play tank and dps on my dk/warr/dh if that has some interest. Im a flexible player who can reroll if another class is more needed, I wil always play the best for my team!! I recently rerolled to hpala as main so if you need some links to my exp I can provide what ever you are looking for!!
Prefer guild on Tarren Mill but if can xfer as well if needed for the right team!!
//All the best, Shredyo!!
ShredyoEU-RavencrestHey im Shredyo.. im looking for more keys to do.. hopefully some boosting as well for ze gold and higher push.. I was pretty tryhard in legion with keys and gettting back into it now for the new season.. if you need tank for keys I play dk as main and got other alt tanks too to play on..
Im looking for players who have a chill approach to the keys but at the same time a good sense of seriousness!!
I can play most days most of the day so looking for ppl with time on their hands not just here for the weekly boxes!!
Anyway hit me up if you wanna play by adding my btag..!!
Anyway im out of here need to do the keys!! :)

IblameegirlsEU-SilvermoonHey im Shredyo, im currently looking for a guild to raid with and do some mythic plus aswell.. This raid tier I took a break pretty early where I didn't raid so much.. but now im back ready to push.
Looking for a long term raiding team and guild!!
Im open to play both dps and tank and I got many alts im gearing aswell so im available on more classes atm!! Got dk alt on horde with 410+il aswell.. and I got hpala and prot warrior that im gearing atm.
Feel free to poke me here or on btag if interested!!
ShredyoEU-Tarren MillBig fat blood dk lf sick key push poke if interested!!
Ratboixd One of UsEU-RavencrestYoo big hpala here.. LF new adventures!! been raiding a bit in star of tier on dk now back lf plays as hpala which has been my pvp main for long!!
Poke me on btag if you are looking for a long term addition to your team!!
TrenhardboizEU-Tarren Mill
JuicedmaboiEU-Tarren Mill
DragonsbræthEU-Tarren Mill
JuicepøpeEU-Tarren Mill
Imonfirelól Disciples of SiliciumEU-Ravencrest
Drshredski One of UsEU-Ravencrest
ShredyodhEU-Tarren Mill
ShredyooEU-Tarren Mill
DrpønygøðxdEU-Tarren Mill
ImønmaperioðEU-Tarren Mill
Drshreddyxo Disciples of SiliciumEU-Ravencrest
Iblamelowiq HOW DO WE LOSEEU-Silvermoon
Shredyo HOW DO WE LOSEEU-Silvermoon
ShredyolinkzEU-Tarren Mill


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