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Xydan (Sdan#21364)

Sex: Male
Age: 24 (Dec 24, 1994)
Country: France

WoW Characters

Sdanx Stay Calm Keep BlastingEU (FR)-Vol'jinPlaying since Wrath, mostly tank, as I play all of them and swapped regularly for progression purposes (DK, monk, druid, warrior through different tiers.) I still enjoy playing DD / healer and wouldn't mind swapping roles, but tanking is the thing I'm the best at.

My ideal guild would be raiding few but GOOD - I'm looking to compete and achieve the best rankings possible while not playing too much. I enjoy having free time to chill, do M+ and WHY NOT have a decent social life.

Notable achievements:

Blackhand M: 78th world
Archimonde M: 28th world


M+ S1: Among top 5 blood dks in Europe Alliance side, best ranking achieved being top 20 in the "all tanks" category.
Couple of keys being among the top ones on the current affixes on the R.Io ladder.

Monk is the most geared right now but my DK and warrior are totally suitable for raids and end content as well. I got my druid and pally at max level, too.

Add me for more info! Sdan#21364

Not interested by casual raiding.
Sdaanxoxo Stay Calm Keep BlastingEU (FR)-Vol'jinMore info here:
Sdanxoxoqt Stay Calm Keep BlastingEU (FR)-Vol'jin
Sdanski Stay Calm Keep BlastingEU (FR)-Vol'jinMore info here:
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