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faillesz (faillesz#2941)

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Invupriest Feel the DifferenceEU (DE)-Blackmoore
FailleszEU (DE)-Blackhand
Mestalia ExplicitEU (DE)-Blackhand
Mysês UltravioletEU (DE)-Blackhand
Pineapplez ExplicitEU (DE)-Blackhand
Pacifer ExplicitEU (DE)-Blackhand
Pantoflem ICEBÖRG BOOSTINGEU (DE)-BlackhandHey,

looking for a mythic-raiding guild.
Currently Main Disc-Priest with 3/11M but I play every Heal but Druid and Monk.

Paladin(mainly m+ as heal):

I also have a Druid friend and a Rogue friend who have same/similar interests.

Having a question? Shoot!
InvuEU (DE)-Blackhand
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