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ifist (GucciBrah#1475)

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GuccidkUS-Turalyon(crosspost from my lock, I am willing to play DK as well) Main swapped at the end of CN to lock, so my parses are a lil low compared to where they should be. (you can check my dk for prog logs). I typically main swap for what my guild needs. I've played most classes at the same level and sometimes 2-3 at a time. I am willing to play DK or any other class tbh, as main/alt based on needs. I'm looking to raid pretty much any day of the week ending by 12:00 EST (midnight). I have started a new job that allows me to stay up later during the week, which pretty much opens the whole week. I am looking to go a bit harder(in guild ranking) in the upcoming tiers because of this. I'm not interested in "toxic" raid environments. I play this game to kill bosses and have fun figuring out how to execute it. I have pushed up to US34 back in legion, and backed down to 2 day raiding in bfa through now. I also raid led pretty much all of BFA and 8/10 of the current tier, there is a little bit of RL tax on my numbers as I tend to do the mechanic over calling someone else to do it.
Noteable logs:
Tomb of Sargeras:

BTAG: Guccibrah#1475
Discord: wrxgucci#0211

Guccibanx oebankUS-Illidan
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