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ifist (GucciBrah#1475)

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Guccidk Occasional ExcellenceUS-TuralyonBest tier: US 34 Antorus

Currently Raid leader for: Occasional Excellence Weekend team

Looking to raid on my dk to tank or dps in a Tuesday/Wednesday team. I mained dk for 11/12 in Nyalothoa and playing lock for nzoth. Mained DK for all of BFA.

Also wouldnt be against looking for a group of people looking to start pushing 3.5k+ io, Ive gone kinda casual with io sitting ~ 2.7k

Btag: Guccibrah#1475

My current logs: ( most of these are prog, while raid leading so my parses arent anywhere near where they should be)
Guccikin Occasional ExcellenceUS-Turalyon
Guc Occasional ExcellenceUS-TuralyonLittle history, I tried starting a guild in legion, that fell apart on Avatar due to not having 5 rogues, played ww/brewmaster throughout that tier. Swapped to lock to finish Tomb around US 100<No Bads Allowed>, then Antorus at US 36 in <Reveive>. Quit the game after finishing the tier, came back super casual at the start of bfa helping out a friends guild, ended up felling apart then started raid leading for Occasional Excellence weekend team, Finished Jaina like US 350 and Azshara at US 176. This is my "alt" currently but is capable of running full mythic EP. I raided in OE on my death knight, and in legion on my lock. When im not raid leading I can consistently push orange parses while actually doing mechanics. I tend to raid lead for groups just because thats what needed to be done.
Guccilok Occasional ExcellenceUS-Turalyon
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