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Real Name: Olivier B.
Sex: Male
Age: 26 (Jun 3, 1993)
Country: Belgium

WoW Characters

Róllie BenchedEU-Tarren Mill
Battlenet - orixz#2398
Discord - Róllie#7890

Looking to start raiding again. Willing to transfer but all of my max level characters and most alts close to it are currently on kazzak so raiding on kazzak would be ideal but definitely not opposed to transferring.

Raiding experience:

Cimson - Al'Akir:
T16 SoO World 353 > disband during highmaul

Halcyon - Al'Akir:
T17 BRF World 76 > disband

Plan B - Kazzak:
T18 HFC World 274
T19 EN World 158
T19 TOV World 188 Guarm > guild took a break
T19 NH World 223
T20 TOS World 179 Desolate Host > disband

Toxic Anime Girls/SAFETY DANCE - Argent Dawn
T20 TOS World 90 Maiden > disband

Wicked Vigilantes:
T20 TOS World 197
T21 Antorus World 285

Rerolled mage after Highmaul and have played mage since. Comfortable playing most specs ingame but personal preference goes out to ranged dps. I was an officer in Plan B for it's lifetime for those who care. Only guild I ever left was WV because I had gotten fairly fed up with the game at the end of Antorus, I think the limited summary of my TOS progression can probably clue you into why. Happy to expand on why any of the aforementioned guilds decided to split so if you're interested in that stuff just drop me a pm via any of my contact information listed above.


Note: Please keep in mind that I came back to the game around the 20th of Feb after a 3 month brake, all current tier logs as well as most of my Uldir logs are pugs. ToS was essentially the last tier I 'tryharded'


little more info about myself:
25 soon to be 26 year old software developer, I work fullstack as part of a devops team. Nerd, Weeb and what will you. Enjoy basketball and am an avid movie watcher and music listener. Bit of a loner in my personal time but social when around others, just don't crave to be out and about like some. Can be stubborn and argumentative but get along just fine with most people. Not the most comedic person you''ll ever meet but I have a healthy sense of humor and a thick enough skin to partake in banter as long as it's all in good spirit.

On wow, bitch that spend to much gold on transmog, fan of UI building if that's a thing and general fan of challenging content.

youtube (killvids)

Alts/Other classes
My mage is my only character that I play actively atm and I only have one other character at 120 at the moment but depending on a guilds alt requirements I'll level/gear more/other classes.

currently alts stand as follows:
Hunter 120
Druid 120
Warlock 120
Priest 120
Shaman 110
Demon Hunter 107
Warrior 100
Monk 100
Death Knight 100
Rogue 100

Actually played for content:
Hunter CM Boosts/OG Main/Main Alt
Ele/Enh Shaman CM boosts/Main alt
Warlock Main alt
Blood DK, Brewmaster CM boosts
Rdruid CM boosts
SPriest when I started playing not that it's relevant but just enjoying going over the things I've played
Rollito OmnivoreEU-Kazzak
Rolliekin CrímsonEU-Kazzak
Rolliexd CrímsonEU-Kazzak
Rolliedh OmnivoreEU-Kazzak
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