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Werdup EchoesEU-Sunstriderwordup#2971
Author of Icy Veins/Wowhead Enhancement guide & general Enhancement player/poster; always willing to take questions :)

Have every class at 110 & experience with most DPS specs; strong preference for Melee & in particular Enhancement.
Derpup EchoesEU-Sunstrider
Jumpup EchoesEU-Sunstrider
Ohsnapup EchoesEU-Sunstrider
Nerdup EchoesEU-Sunstrider
Shorely EchoesEU-Sunstrider
Spunkup EchoesEU-Sunstrider
Gangnamup EchoesEU-Sunstrider
Slurpup EchoesEU-Laughing Skull
Woydup ClarityEU-Twisting Nether
Hurrdurrup ClarityEU-Twisting Nether
Wipeup EchoesEU-Sunstrider
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