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Video: Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void Mythic by Walkthrough demon_hunter (dd) PoV

Walkthrough vs Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void Mythic

For me, like, I find if I'm struggling it's because I'm very like outcome oriented, like, to give an example, if I'm like only concerned with my performance and what my score is when I'm playing WoW then I'll have a pretty bad time, but if I'm just in the moment, just listening to the music, and just having a good time, then, I find that I'm enjoying myself a lot more and usually that makes me play better, so it's counterintuitive, you think by being very stressed and focused on achieving the goal, of setting a particular score or whatever it is that you're doing - you think that's gonna help, but that actually makes things worse, but you want to be very detached, relaxed, and just having a good time with things. The progress, the results are almost like a by-product of just being happy and having fun, so just, just try and like, let go a bit, and just have fun with things, and you'll start to remember why you began doing them in the first place, because you enjoy them, and don't really worry about results, and you know, just, enjoy it.
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