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Video: Sha of Pride Heroic 25-man by Aqua monk (tank) PoV

Aqua vs Sha of Pride 25-man Heroic

We're very proud of this kill. We got it done much faster than we anticipated because we were very prepared and frankly it's one of the fastest guild-wide learning curves that we've ever had.

We had to kill Norushen before this, and get him + prog and kill this in 3 hours. Mission accomplished.

No real preference on classes, just take your most savvy team-minded players. It's important to be closing rifts as soon as possible, even if you spend a bit of time hunting for one. DPS isn't an issue until the last phase where you 'lust and burn'.

A really enjoyable encounter, and most people remarked that it was the best they'd experienced so far on Heroic. Looking forward to the rest of the instance!

Songs in order
We Like When You're Awkward by Sleepmakeswaves
Spotlight by MUTEMATH
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