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TW Total healing received

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1黃棠 (u)Brave VesperiaSilverwing Hold51,232 M
2千軍太情Final DawnFrostmane47,983 M
3千軍太情十字聖堂Wrathbringer47,053 M
4囧君小童鞋Immortal ArmageddonDragonmaw44,073 M
5你的雨天AsgardNightsong41,875 M
6Clala (u)Immortal ArmageddonDragonmaw41,814 M
7八部般若Immortal ArmageddonDragonmaw41,507 M
8萌萌的露露炭夢想之旅Light's Hope41,322 M
9普魯桑邪教僧God of DragonDemon Fall Canyon40,881 M
10伊利斯翠 (u)Chaos RegionArygos40,734 M
11花花早早WannaNightsong40,215 M
12月神泰蘭德Brave VesperiaSilverwing Hold39,488 M
13目溼 (u)愛的抱抱Chillwind Point38,281 M
14菲飛Finding NeverlandArthas38,139 M
15禹甯娜蒼穹之弓Arthas37,876 M
16花影霓裳HardModeSilverwing Hold36,794 M
17Enchyi (u)Punishment of AsiaSpirestone36,758 M
18伊蕾托廣電總局Whisperwind36,665 M
19已死黑手團Silverwing Hold36,117 M
20Kindaria (u)黑手團Silverwing Hold35,936 M
21亞由亞由Blade RunnerChillwind Point35,930 M
22Wishofpray (u)Finding NeverlandArthas35,914 M
23款冬聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon35,622 M
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