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US Guild Item Level Rankings

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RankGuildRealmItem Level
1Taunta Que Eu Aggrei (25)Azralon645.11
2Blood Fury (10)Azralon644.95
3Overture (25)Mal'Ganis643.91
4Apophasis (10)Shattered Hand643.21
5Incarnation (10)Kel'Thuzad642.52
6Acid (10)Lightninghoof641.80
7Vivid (10)Illidan641.50
8Non Combat Pet (10)Proudmoore640.88
9Livin Large (10)Sargeras640.82
10RockPaperNukeYou (10)Area 52640.61
11Storm (10)Gilneas640.50
12Bookertea and the .. (10)Moon Guard640.37
13Finale (10)Alterac Mountains639.95
14Nomad (10)Hyjal639.85
15celebrities (10)Perenolde639.51
16Hard In The Paint (25)Windrunner639.43
17Blood Runs Cold (25)Stormrage639.39
18Reload (10)Dalaran639.25
19Recondite Society (10)Cho'gall639.16
20TG (10)Arthas639.13
21Blood Legion (25)Illidan638.93
22Fierce (10)Aerie Peak638.74
23Malice (10)Cho'gall638.73
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