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EU-Todeswache Realm Ranking

RP Realm


RankGuildProgressWorld RankCriteria
21Vincere âut Mori5/5 (normal) +Ony2263110.21
22Der Schwarze Kodex5/5 (normal) +Ony2272110.19
23Onus est honos5/5 (normal) +Ony2291810.14
24Blutwächter (10)1/5 (heroic)2385110.00
25deathproof (10)1/5 (heroic)2408110.00
26Sepsis5/5 (normal)261259.71
27Kreuzzug des Lichts (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony263979.66
28Die Hüter Yggdrasils5/5 (normal) +Ony279889.30
29Janitscharen (10/25)5/5 (normal) +Ony284229.21
30Diel nor Andu (10)5/5 (normal) +Ony288869.10
31Omen5/5 (normal) +Ony293808.98
32Humpenbrüder5/5 (normal) +Ony305878.66
33Schattenwind5/5 (normal) +Ony308898.57
34Bruderschaft des M..5/5 (normal) +Ony311578.49
35Elements5/5 (normal) +Ony323278.17
36Die Faust des Lichts5/5 (normal) +Ony332447.91
37Semper Fî5/5 (normal) +Ony333327.89
38Principium Novum (25)5/5 (normal) +Ony336597.81
39Alone in the Dark5/5 (normal) +Ony360917.16
40Söldner Azeroths5/5 (normal) +Ony365057.03
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